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ThinApp Puts On The Suit(e)

Last week, VMware made some major announcements with regard to the arrival of the Horizon Suite and the new pricing and packaging framework to simplify and unite the VMware EUC technologies for our customers.  This is a milestone for EUC because it marks a concerted effort by VMware to streamline the adoption and implementation of products into a solution stack that customers can easily procure and implement.

One of the changes that was announced is that at the end of the year ThinApp will no longer be sold as a standalone product as in the past.  Unfortunately, the product support life cycle has limited terms of description so the ‘End of Availability’ announcement has caused some some concern as some interpreted this as EOA of the technology.  I apologize for the confusion and want to clarify that the EOA term ONLY applies to the standalone SKU as ThinApp will actually be included in ALL of the Horizon bundles – VMware Horizon View™, VMware Horizon Mirage™, VMware Horizon Workspace™ and VMware Horizon Suite™.  A good place to get a feel for the bundles can be found here – Horizon Suite.  Being included across the Horizon suite means that more customers than ever will be able to use the features and capabilities of ThinApp.  The Horizon licensing model still allows flexibility for ThinApp to be used on the desktop without any other products if that is the use case needed by the customer.

I highly encourage you to consider the affinity between Horizon Mirage and ThinApp as we now have the capability to address every application on the Windows desktop; if you need apps with drivers and remote DCOM then use Mirage application layers, if you need cross platform support or isolation then ThinApp containers are ideal.  Not only do these technologies cover 100% of the application list but Mirage is an ideal deployment mechanism for ThinApp containers as it can deliver ThinApps to the farthest endpoints without any dependence on branch infrastructure, Active Directory, or costly backend architecture.  Customers can deploy layers and containers and then inventory those endpoints for centralized management of both native and virtualized applications.

To be clear to our customers (and competitors), our commitment to ThinApp technology hasn’t changed as we are actively working on our next release for mid-year which will include some very tangible architectural and compatibility improvements.  Here is an FAQ that has been created which should help address any particular details.