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How to deploy AppLink packages in the enterprise

AppLink is a great feature of ThinApp. The possibility to merge two or many packages together allows for a much more modular deployment model. But how do your deploy your AppLinks?

I think we (read VMware) did ourselves a big disservice when we decided to add ;OptionalAppLinks=plugins\*.exe as a default setting in the package.ini file. Many out there now think it is required to use a folder called plugins relative to the parent package in order to use AppLink. This is far from true.

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ThinApp Deployment Guide and Intro

Greetings to everyone – Aaron Black here – I've joined the ThinApp team here at VMware and have just completed my first project of creating a 'Deployment Guide' for ThinApp.  Download VMware_ThinApp_Deployment_Guide

The idea was to put together a document that provided a 1000 ft view to help someone beginning with ThinApp to understand the overall process and terms yet provide enough detail to help with some common queries like How do I integrate this technology? Recommendations on Streaming versus Deployed mode? and What do I need to get started?

Its great to be focused on application virtualization because I always ended up focusing on virtual desktops and applications anyway as a VMware systems engineer or in my previous career with Citrix. ThinApp, in my opinion, is a truly great solution with uncommon attributes of simplicity AND flexibility.

In my role at VMware in Tech Marketing, I'm given the charter of getting helpful ThinApp technical content out the door and into customers hands. So let me know if the Deployment Guide is a good start, feedback is greatly appreciated – you can either comment or send me an email directly at aaronblack@vmware.com