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ThinApp MSI without Project Folders

I have come across a scenario where the customer has lost the ThinApp project folders and left with ThinApp EXE. As the project folders are required to generate MSI, the package could not be deployed with VMware View due to missing MSI. Instead of recapturing the application to generate MSI, the solution proposed below shall allow tweaking another ThinApp MSI (where MSIStreaming=1 is set) by editing the respective MSI tables and contents. Continue reading

Deploy ThinApp and AppLink packages together


There is no mechanism to deploy ThinApp packages together. When a ThinApp package is 
dependent on another ThinApp (Applink), they have to be deployed separately, followed by 
adding the Applink path in the ThinApp package.ini (OptionalApplinks or RequiredApplinks). 
Further, it requires rebuild of the ThinApp to pick up the Applink path.

This whole process of finding out the Applink path, updating package.ini, rebuilding the 
ThinApp are completely manual and cannot be automated.

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