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Dean Flaming

About Dean Flaming

Dean is currently an EUC Architect and member of the VMware End User Computing Enablement and Lighthouse Support teams, working to develop communications and IP around VMware End User Computing products and solutions as well as support many various Lighthouse accounts with their own EUC practices. Prior to this, from 2008 through 2012 Dean was one of VMware's End User Computing Specialists. Throughout his time at VMware, Dean has also written and published various articles, videos, and podcasts regarding VMware's EUC Solutions.

Using VMware App Volumes with ThinApp Packages

By Dean Flaming, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager | Lighthouse & EUC Enablement, End-User Computing, VMware

With VMware’s acquisition of App Volumes (formerly known as CloudVolumes), customers now have another option for deploying VMware ThinApp packaged applications.  ThinApp packaged applications have always supported a variety of deployment options.  So when it comes to using ThinApp packages with VMware App Volumes, what might be the easiest and best way to combine the technologies?  And why would you want to do this?

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ThinApp at VMworld 2013

Here is a quick list of ThinApp related sessions and labs showing at VMworld 2013.

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Horizon ThinApp Packages Generating Prompt

Launching a ThinApp from Horizon Shows a Prompt for the First Time:

Do you or your users get an error “Do you want to allow this website to open a program on your computer?” prompt the first time they go to launch a ThinApp package in Horizon?

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ThinApp Icons Not Appearing in Horizon

Often times we hear how someone is trying to publish a ThinApp Package via Horizon and not getting an icon. Continue reading

VMworld 2012 – ThinApp Related Sessions and Labs

I thought I would take a moment for anyone still looking to fill out their schedule and post all of the ThinApp related events, sessions, and labs happening at VMworld 2012.

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ThinApp Factory Feeds, Recipes, and FAQ

ThinApp Factory Feeds

What’s involved in creating a ThinApp Factory Feed or Recipe?

This is a post to describe the format and syntax for writing application feeds and recipes for ThinApp Factory.

What is a ThinApp Factory Feed? A feed is an online application source which can dynamically update applications whenever vendors patch and upgrade them. You can create your own feeds and add them to ThinApp Factory.

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ThinApp Factory View Client Feed with Recipe

Are you looking for how to properly capture the VMware View Clients with the ThinApp Factory? Look no further! Here is an example!

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HTTP 404 and 500 Errors when Adding Work Pools

Are you getting HTTP 404 or 500 errors when attempting to create ThinApp Factory Work Pools? If so, you may wish to read on!

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Step by Step Setup of ThinApp Factory in vSphere using the Executable

These are the step by step instructions for installing the ThinApp Factory Appliance in a vSphere environment using the Setup Executable.

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ThinApp Factory Released

VMware has released the new ThinApp Factory appliance!

So… What the heck is ThinApp Factory and how can I use it?

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