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ThinApp delivery to non-domain members outside your Firewall

Yesterday VMware Horizon Workspace 1.8 was released. While being a minor release it comes with some really nice ThinApp enhancements. Horizon Workspace has been able to deploy ThinApp packages from the very start. With 1.8 it takes a major leap forward supporting ThinApp delivery using HTTP and to non-domain members. Below is a list of the most important ThinApp enhancements in this release.

Support for DFS

Your ThinApp repository can now be a Microsoft DFS share. This greatly enhances your deployment options and allows amongst many things streaming of ThinApp packages in branch offices.

Support for delivery to non-domain members

In older Horizon Workspace versions your clients had to be domain members and have direct access to the ThinApp repository. With 1.8 Horizon Workspace supports delivery of ThinApp packages to any Windows client, domain joined or not.

Support for HTTP delivery of ThinApp packages

Horizon Workspace 1.8 adds support for HTTP delivery of ThinApp packages. This means you can now manage ThinApp packages on Windows clients outside your Firewall. Since Horizon Workspace only uses HTTPS it is actually over HTTPS the delivery will happen.

In order to configure your Horizon Agent/Client to support HTTP delivery install it using this parameter:

VMware-Horizon-Workspace-{version#}-{build#}.exe /v INSTALL_MODE=HTTP_DOWNLOAD

The default behavior of the Client is to use HTTP delivery if any other chosen delivery mechanism is not working. This means you might decide to not install the Client using HTTP delivery and thereby use HTTP only when needed.

The new agent now self-repairs the local ThinApp cache if using a shared ThinApp cache and a package is missing in the local cache.

Support for large ThinApp packages

Older versions of Horizon Workspace had issues with ThinApp packages larger than 4GB. This is no longer the case in Horizon Workspace 1.8.

More information about the Horizon Workspace 1.8 can be found here: http://blogs.vmware.com/horizontech/2014/03/vmware-horizon-workspace-1-8-whats-new.html

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