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VMworld 2012 – ThinApp Related Sessions and Labs

I thought I would take a moment for anyone still looking to fill out their schedule and post all of the ThinApp related events, sessions, and labs happening at VMworld 2012.

EUC1207 – ThinApp Implementation and Design Best Practices
A top PSO ThinApp Consultant will deliver this breakout session detailing real world enterprise best practices around ThinApp implementation and design strategy for physical and virtual desktop environments.
Raymond Dusseault – Sr Consultant, VMware, Inc.

EUC1797 – Troubleshooting ThinApp Applications
In this session, we will explore several different aspects and techniques of troubleshooting ThinApp applications. We will examine the rules of isolation for file system, registry, DLL and process elements both physical and virtual and how they interact in relation to the requirements of application being virtualized with VMware ThinApp.
Peter Björk – EMEA ThinApp Specialist Systems Engineer, VMware, Inc.
Dean Flaming – ThinApp Global Product Specialist, VMware, Inc.

EUC2110 – A Truly Live Chat Session: VMware View and ThinApp Performance Best Practices
This moderated panel discussion is a truly live chat session, with brief overviews on performance best practices for VMware View and VMware ThinApp, followed by questions from the audience and answers from the VMware performance experts. Topics for discussion include: • View PCoIP performance best practices (Chuck Hirstius) • Graphics performance best practices In View (Aaron Blasius) • Configuring Persona Management and the Persona Repository for best performance (Erik Tatum) • Configuring ThinApp packages and the ThinApp Repository for best performance (Dean Flaming) The performance experts on the panel have been chosen not only for their technical expertise, but also for their ability to explain technical details clearly. This live chat session will provide you with the opportunity to interact with some fun, knowledgeable people who are eager to help you succeed in getting optimal performance from VMware View and ThinApp.
Chuck Hirstius – Staff Engineer, VMware, Inc.
Dean Flaming – Global Application Virtualization Specialist, VMware, Inc.
Warren Ponder – Director, Product Management, VMware, Inc.
Erik Tatum – MTS, VMware, Inc.
Tina de Benedictis – Technical Marketing Manager, VMware, Inc.

EUC2130 – Solving the Problems of the Modern Retailer Through Virtualization
Retailers are being challenged to compete for the attention of the modern retailer. The consumeration of technology has forced retailers to change how they do business both online and inside their stores. The modern consumer has access to instantaneous information about retailers, products and other consumers’ experiences. Retailers are being forced to provide more detailed information targeted directly at the individual consumer to increase loyalty. Delivering the personalized customer experience that consumers want, is forcing retailers to overhaul legacy infrastructues to deliver new technologies faster to the stores. Learn how a large retailer in the US uses a flexible, virtualized platform to deliver applications and solutions to thousands of branch locations. See how they use VMware technologies such as vSphere, View and Thinapp to ease the deployment of in-store applications and solutions from POS to digital signage. Learn how they plan to use virtual solutions to reduce support costs for 300,000 endpoints in the stores.
Chris Scrudato – End User Computing Strategist, VMware, Inc.
Rick Terlep – SE, VMware, Inc.

EUC2671 – VMware ThinApp Technology Review and Evolution
This session will be provide a broad background of ThinApp technology and then showcase some of the newest capabilities and direction. ThinApp technology has expanded to provide value to VMware View and the Horizon solutions. Additionally, ThinApp Factory is now available for customers to automate the packaging and distribution of virtualized Windows applications. We will review these capabilities and discuss considerations for customers to design and implement with ThinApp with success.
Aaron Black – Product Manager, EUC, VMware, Inc.
Peter Björk – EMEA Horizon and ThinApp Specialist Systems Engineer, VMware, Inc.

GD46 – ThinApp with Peter Bjork
Join Peter Björk who will host this best practices group discussion on ThinApp.
Peter Björk – EMEA Horizon and ThinApp Specialist Systems Engineer, VMware, Inc.

GD47 – View and ThinApp with Matt Coppinger
Join Matt Coppinger who will host this best practices group discussion on View and ThinApp.
Matt Coppinger – Group Manager / Architect, VMware, Inc.

GD50 – ThinApp with Ray Dusseault
Join Ray Dusseault who will host this best practices group discussion on ThinApp
Raymond Dusseault – Consulting Architect, VMware, Inc.

HOL-EUC-01 – Build and Operate the Mobile Secure Desktop
Provide a secure workspace for your full-time staff and part-time contractors. Today’s users demand access to corporate resources from multiple devices and operating systems, as well as the flexibility to work from home and remote offices. In this lab you will use VMware ThinApp to protect against application corruption and VMware vShield App to prevent unauthorized access between user desktops.

TEX2575 – Utilizing ThinApp Factory for Application & Desktop Virtualization Offerings
This session will showcase the newly released ThinApp Factory technology and review the characteristics of application virtualization. Discussion will be focused around how to build services offerings around ThinApp technology and a demonstration of a working ThinApp Factory instance. Join our session to listen and provide feedback on the business and technical value of this technology for ISV’s, SI’s, and SO’s.
Aaron Black – Product Manager, EUC, VMware, Inc.

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