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Relink –h command for Horizon enablement of previously captured VMware ThinApp packages

By Tina de Benedictis, Technical Marketing Manager, Enterprise Desktop, End User Computing, VMware

ThinApp 4.7 was the first release with the option to enable your ThinApp virtual applications for VMware Horizon Application Manager. A new window in ThinApp Setup Capture gave you an easy, GUI-based way of enabling packages for Horizon as you captured them.

In the ThinApp 4.7 timeframe, how could you enable previously captured packages for Horizon? There were two ways:

  • Recapture with ThinApp Setup Capture
  • Add the Horizon parameters to Package.ini and rebuild the ThinApp package

ThinApp 4.7.2 has introduced a third method of Horizon enablement for previously captured applications.

This new method of enabling ThinApp packages for Horizon is much faster and easier. A –h flag (for ‘Horizon’) has been added to the familiar relink command. Relink has always allowed you to update the runtime of a package to the new version of ThinApp–it integrates into your package any bug fixes that are part of the new runtime.

To run relink –h, you need only ThinApp version 4.7.2 or later, and the executables for your ThinApp virtual application. You do not need the project directory, and you do not need to recapture the application.

You can run the relink command without any options from the ThinApp Program Files directory to get help on syntax:


Relink –h adds the Horizon parameters to your previously captured ThinApp package, and you can then add the Horizon-enabled virtual application executables to the ThinApp Repository in your Horizon environment.

Notice that you can use the AppID and the VersionID flags with relink -h. AppID is the ThinApp application identifier, and the new VersionID parameter allows you to update ThinApp packages in Horizon. Using relink –h with the AppID and VersionID flags is one way to update ThinApp packages in Horizon. Alternatively, you can use ThinApp Setup Capture or edit Package.ini and rebuild. See Updating VMware ThinApp virtual applications in Horizon Application Manager.

For more details about the new relink –h command, see Enabling VMware ThinApp virtual applications for Horizon Application Manager with the relink command.

If you are not familiar with the general relink command syntax and functionality, see VMware ThinApp relink command to update the ThinApp runtime of a virtual application.

For information on the other ways to enable a package for Horizon (recapturing or editing of Package.ini), see Enabling for Horizon a previously packaged VMware ThinApp virtual application, without relinking.

For an index to a set of Knowledge Base articles on ThinApp in Horizon, see VMware ThinApp virtual application packages in Horizon Application Manager: Index to an article cluster.