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Updating ThinApp Packages in VMware Horizon Application Manager

By Tina de Benedictis, Technical Marketing Manager, Enterprise Desktop, End User Computing, VMware

If you have updated a ThinApp package for the Horizon environment, you know that it was a manual process. ThinApp 4.7.2 gives you a sleek new update mechanism developed especially for the Horizon environment. You don’t use AppSync or side-by-side updating; instead, you use an update mechanism based on a new Package.ini parameter, VersionID.

VersionID is the version of the ThinApp package and works in conjunction with the package identifier, AppID. The updated package must have the same AppID as the previous version, and VersionID must be incremented.

You place the updated package in a new folder on the ThinApp Repository in the Horizon environment. Horizon regularly scans the ThinApp Repository, and when Horizon encounters an application that has the same AppID as another, it compares the VersionID values and considers the application with the higher VersionID to be an update.

The ThinApp update mechanism in Horizon preserves user entitlements to the application, and shortcuts on the endpoint are automatically converted to the path for the updated package.

You can create an updated ThinApp package with one of the following methods:

  • Capturing the update in ThinApp Setup Capture
  • Editing Package.ini and rebuilding
  • Using the VersionID flag with relink –h

Setup Capture is the main method to create an updated ThinApp package for Horizon.

How do you create the update with ThinApp Setup Capture?

Setup Capture has a couple of new fields in the Manage with Horizon window to help you to mark a package as an update of another package already in Horizon.


After you select This package is an update of an existing base ThinApp package, you enter the original package location in the Base package location field. This is the location of the folder of old ThinApp executables, which can either be in place in Horizon, or copied elsewhere.

When you point to this prior package, ThinApp reads the AppID and assigns the same AppID to the updated package. In addition, ThinApp reads the VersionID of the original package and increments it by 1 to assign a new value of VersionID to the updated package.

For more details about the Setup Capture method of creating an updated ThinApp package for Horizon, and about the manual method of editing Package.ini, and the relink –h method, see Updating VMware ThinApp virtual applications in Horizon Application Manager.

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