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Jumpstart your ThinApp Factory with Ninite

We are excited to announce that Ninite has provided VMware customers a trial feed for use with the recently released ThinApp Factory.  In short, the trial feed provides the ThinApp Factory a cloud-based catalog of 99 applications that can be pulled directly into the Factory and used to jumpstart our customers ThinApp Factory installations.  The process is incredibly simple and can even be described as 'fun' if you have geek DNA in your veins.

Steps to use Ninite to Jumpstart your ThinApp Factory

1.  Install Thinapp Factory Appliance   

2.  Add Ninite Trial Feed to your ThinApp Factory Instance

Add Feed


3.  Create a Workpool with vSphere vm's

  Add Workpool

4.  Select your applications and click capture. 


5.  Enjoy your automagically packaged ThinApps.

Maybe a 'Feed' is a new concept to you – in short a Feed is like an importable catalog that lists application installers and the silent command lines used to automate the installation.  We use a JSON format to make it easy for vendors or customers to write their own feeds and distribute as inputs to their Factory installations.  The cool part of this technology is that when the vendor or the feed creator adds an update the Feed will automatically provide notification to the Factory for packaging.  Here is a quick screenshot of the essential elements of a feed and a blog entry that digs into the details. 


Ninite understands the burden of application patch management and has a unique offering that addresses many of the burdens for managing native applications.  It is a technology that realistically brings together the capabilities of the cloud and the needs of administrators and end users to not waste time clicking 'next, next, next'.  We worked closely with Ninite co-founder Sascha Kuzins to develop the feed and hope you make time to take advantage of this technology.