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HTTP 404 and 500 Errors when Adding Work Pools

Are you getting HTTP 404 or 500 errors when attempting to create ThinApp Factory Work Pools? If so, you may wish to read on!

Both HTTP 404 and HTTP 500 errors are common indications of the following:

  1. Bad User Credentials – With vSphere deployments, please ensure you are using a vCenter Administrator with propagated permissions. Also, when using the Setup EXE for deployment, ensure you DO NOT type in “DOMAIN\USER” for authentication – it may or may not work for the setup but will ultimately fail when you go to create a work pool later. Use only the vCenter Administrator’s USERNAME (whatever it is as it can be any user account so long as the account has vCenter Administrator permissions).
  2. Bad vApp Option Configurations – The ThinApp Factory Appliance uses vApp options quite heavily – more so than most other virtual appliances. DO NOT DISABLE the vApp options. Specific to these HTTP errors, the Compute Resource and other settings may be incorrectly set – especially if the TAF appliance has been moved within vCenter! Ensure the Compute Resource is set to either the host or the vCenter Cluster the ThinApp Factory appliance has been deployed to.

Additional Notes:

It should be noted, where most browsers will report HTTP 404 errors, IE will generally report HTTP 500 errors. But both are caused by bad configurations in the vApp options (invalid username or password, or incorrect settings for vCenter, Compute Resource, Data Store, etc.).

If you cannot start the TAF virtual appliance, and the error is related to IPs, then it is most likely you do not have an IP pool configured for your vCenter. Select your vCenter in the VIC and click on the IP Pools tab and create an IP Pool accordingly.

If you wish to move the TAF virtual appliance, shut it down first, then move it, then modify the vApp options accordingly, then start it back up.

TAF vApp Options

In the unfortunate event you have disabled the vApp options, you will most likely just want to redeploy the appliance. It will be easier to do than resetting the options as these will have been wiped.


See Step by Step Setup of ThinApp Factory in vSphere using the Executable ThinApp Blogs article for more info on setup.


Not using fully qualified domain names also seems to be another cause of the HTTP 404/500 errors.

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