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ThinApp and Secure Flash Drives

I was asked recently if ThinApp's deployment model of running packages from USB thumb drives includes the ability to run from secure (encrypted) flash drives.   I decided it was worth a test, and after getting my hands on one from Iron Key, I tried it out.

Upon inserting the key, you'll get an encrypted drive, and a emulated CD drive that runs the encryption software:


Starting the unlocker program prompts you to enter your password:


Which when answered correctly, allows you access to the encrypted file system:


From there it was just a matter of running a ThinApp package from the encrypted file system with the sandbox configured to be created in the same folder (the recommended configuration for running apps from portable media).


I am happy to report, that it worked just as I expected.   The sandbox was created successfully, and the application loaded normally.   I think using secure Thumbdrives with portable applications is a great way to add another layer of security to your ThinApp packages, perhaps for when you want to control who can run the applications, but you cannot use the AD users and groups permissions that are built into ThinApp.