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In-Place Update using a separate Data Container..

Within your ThinApp project can you configure it to create one single self-containing file or to break out the Data Container into a separate file so you end up having one or multiple Entry Points and one Data Container file, together acting as your whole package (more details on Entry Points and Data Containers).. 
What does this mean when we want to use In-Place Updates (also known as Side-By-Side or Integer Updates) on the package?

Picture 1. Let us start by having a look at our streaming repository. Mozilla Firefox version 3.5.2 is running.


Picture 2. When you want to upgrade your package is it the virtual environment you want to update. Therefore is it your Data Container that must be In-Place Updated. Make sure your Entry Point do not share the same name as your Data Container.. This might still work but will behave a little funny (starting a cmd prompt along side the Mozilla Firefox window in my tests).. Now Mozilla Firefox version 3.5.9 (virtual environment Mozilla Firefox DATA.1) is the active one.