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VMware ThinApp Bootcamp Challange

Get ready for application virtualization with VMware ® ThinApp ® !

Starting October 31st, join us for a 6-part bootcamp on ThinApp Topics such as:

  • ThinApp Design Best Practices
  • ThinApp Implementation Best Practices
  • Isolation Modes Explained
  • AppLink Fundamentals
  • Scripting within ThinApp
  • ThinApp Performance Enhancing

Each day from October 31st through November 7th, a new session will be released. Additionally, we will be stopping by the ThinApp Communities Bootcamp site to answer questions around ThinApp.

So be sure to tune in every day to watch, learn, and ask questions!

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Dean Flaming

About Dean Flaming

Dean is currently an EUC Architect and member of the VMware End User Computing Enablement and Lighthouse Support teams, working to develop communications and IP around VMware End User Computing products and solutions as well as support many various Lighthouse accounts with their own EUC practices. Prior to this, from 2008 through 2012 Dean was one of VMware's End User Computing Specialists. Throughout his time at VMware, Dean has also written and published various articles, videos, and podcasts regarding VMware's EUC Solutions.