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ThinApped vSphere Client fling –new download available

Hi Guys,

Today we posted a free version of the vSphere Client packaged with ThinApp.

This is super-handy if you use vSphere as much as we do – you can download and run it directly on any Windows machine without any install.   Because you don’t need to go through any form signups to get the download, you can be running the vSphere Client on a new machine very quickly.   The video below has more details and a demo.   Grab the download here:


3 thoughts on “ThinApped vSphere Client fling –new download available

  1. Nathan Manzi

    This should replace the client installer published by the vSphere web interface. 😀

  2. Sang Lam

    I got a “Page Not Found” when trying to download the ThinApped vSphere client. What is the updated link?

  3. wilco

    No thinapp for 4.0 and 4.1 U2

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