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ThinApp ROI/TCO Calculator

VMware is pleased to announce the availability of the NEW ThinApp ROI/TCO Calculator.

As most of us in the IT business start to more closely examine the use of application virtualization within our environments, we inevitably start to ask the question, "What impact will using virtualization have to my overall application lifecycle?" Managing the lifecycle of desktop applications including: packaging, testing, deployment, update, upgrade consumes a large portion of the IT operations budget.

Lifecycle In addition, the operating system environment changes over time. As this occurs, the entire application stack is impacted with migration costs. ThinApp virtualized applications are created in a single image executable, fully isolated from the operating system, allowing for centralized management and streamlined application deployment. Using VMware ThinApp application virtualization, customers can build in application isolation to ensure compatibility of their applications without incurring costly remediation and lengthy regression testing.

In July 2010, VMware commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying VMware ThinApp in their organizations. This study shows that the interviewed customer estimates a 185% return on its investment over four years with a payback period in 1 year. To understand the economic benefits of application virtualization, download your FREE copy of The Total Economic Impact™ of VMware ThinApp report.