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Relink considerations..

With version 4.5 of ThinApp we introduced a new tool called relink.exe. Relink.exe will inject a new ThinApp runtime into an already existing package. This makes the need for a complete rebuild of the project obsolete when you need to update the runtime to provide Windows 7 support.

Relink.exe is a great tool but before you use it I want to share some insights of the tool.


Memory Optimization introduced with version 4.5 use the OptimizeFor= parameter in package.ini. Rebuilding your project will use the default (OptimizeFor=Memory) settings that is optimized for performance if not specified differently in package.ini. But using relink.exe on an existing package will use the old 4.0.x configuration and therefore the performance would be the same as using the OptimizeFor=Disk parameter in package.ini. If you would like to use the new performance optimization features you must rebuild the project.

Our new Quality Reporting feature uses the setting QualityReportingEnabled= and is by default disabled (QualityReportingEnabled=0) in package.ini. Using relink.exe on a existing package will honor this default setting and Quality Reporting is not turned on by running relink.

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Peter Bjork

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3 thoughts on “Relink considerations..

  1. Dm Ancruem

    Thank you thank you thank you.
    With the upgrade to Win-7 I started repackaging the whole library of Apps that my company uses.
    About halfway through I found out about version 4.5 and after acquiring it, used relink to redo our ThinApp packages. Saved days of my time and everything WORKS!!

  2. ibrar rahim

    We have considerations to migrate to Windows 7 in the forseeable future.
    We are currently in the process of moving towards a virtualisation infrastructure and have Thin Apped using 4.6 for Windows XP.
    Do you have any documentation to migrate to Windows XP using the already packaged applications for Windows XP.
    Can we use Relink and if so what is the procedure.

  3. Peter Björk

    Ibrar please ask questions on our community pages instead of here on the blog.. http://communities.vmware.com/community/vmtn/entdesk/thinapp?view=discussions

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