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How to resolve “Send to Email” issues from Applications like Reflection

Below are instructions provided by a ThinApp Customer on how to ThinApp Reflection Multi-Host 8.0 Standard with a Native Office 2007 Install.

Posted on Behalf of Ken Ballenger (ThinApp customer since 2008)

How to ThinApp Reflection Multi-Host 8.0, Standard w/Native MS Office 2007

1.       Start with a clean Windows XP SP2 VM.

2.       Installed .NET Framework 2.0 SP1

3.        Installed Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Plus.  Customized install.  Install everything except InfoPath and Publisher.

4.       Installed Microsoft Office 2007 SP2.

5.       Start Setup Capture pre-scan.

6.        Install Reflection Multi-Host 8.0, Standard with whatever components you require. 

7.       Launch each Reflections application once.

8.       Perform Setup Capture post-scan.

9.       Select your entry points.

a.        FTP Client.exe

b.        Host – AS400.exe

c.        Host – Mainframe.exe

d.        R8win.exe

10.   Groups – Default (Everyone)

11.   Isolation – Default (Merged Isolation Mode)

12.   Sandbox  – Default (User Profile)

13.   Primary Data Container – R8win.exe

14.   Edit Package.ini and add following lines to [BuildOptions] section:

a.  ChildProcessEnvironmentDefault=Virtual

b.  ChildProcessEnvironmentExceptions=Outlook.exe

15.   Open project folder and add following line to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.txt file:

a.  isolation_merged HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData\S-1-5-18\Products\00002109A10090400000000000F01FEC\Usage

b.      This is specific to MS Office Outlook 2007.  I’m guessing this key could vary depending on what version of Office you actually install.

16.   Build project.

17.   You will need to have launched Outlook at least once and build an Outlook Profile before launching Reflections.  You also need to turn off Cached Exchange Mode.  Having it enabled results in an OST error when sending email from Reflections.

18.   Launch Reflections, establish terminal session.  Click the File menu, Send…, OK.  Outlook should launch and it should have the text from your terminal session window in the body of the email, type in valid To: address and Send. 

19.   My focus is on getting my ThinApps to work on Windows Server 2008 x64 with XenApp so I don’t do a considerable amount of work in getting them to work on other platforms.  For the purpose of this document, I did successfully launch this on both XP and Vista VMs.  I also successfully launched it on a Windows 7 VM but only after being re-built with ThinApp 4.5.

2 thoughts on “How to resolve “Send to Email” issues from Applications like Reflection

  1. Peter Björk

    Great post.. I just wanted to add that step 14 and 15 are quite common when it comes to allowing a locally present application (mostly Office) to function with a ThinApp package.

  2. ivarson

    I’d also want to add that sometimes its not neccesarry to exclude Outlook.exe.
    Its sufficent to uncomment
    If this doesnt work, check sandbox if outlooks OST is present, if so, try a new clean SB.

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