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Changes made to the ThinApp EULA in version 4.5

Many of you might not know that one big change was made to the End User License Agreement (EULA) in ThinApp 4.5.

The EULA now states:

You must have a separate VMware ThinApp license for each Device or individual named end user, except for Device or individual named end user running ThinApp in an authorized concurrent use environment. You may run an unlimited number of ThinApps on a licensed Device. Dynamic Reassignment of VMware ThinApp is prohibited.  

In other words, you can license a device or a named user. If you have 50 devices but 100 users you use 50 client devices. If you have 50 users but they use many different clients (desktop, laptop and Citrix sessions) you still only needs 50 licenses (named user method of license).
There are not two different licenses that you can buy. You buy one license for a device and this could either be used to license a device or a named user. This is something you decide on your own.

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Peter Bjork

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Peter Bjork is the VMware Identity Manager, Unified Access Gateway and ThinApp Specialist covering the EMEA region. Peter came to VMware with the acquisition of Thinstall. He has many years of experience in ThinApp and is the author of the book “VMware ThinApp 4.7 Essentials” and "VMware Horizon Workspace Essentials". Peter lives in Sweden with his wife and two kids. You can follow Peter on Twitter: @thepeb