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Introducing Project Maestro

A Telco Cloud Orchestrator That Will Help CSPs Accelerate Multi-Cloud Operational Agility

Introducing Project Maestro: the new VMware telco cloud orchestrator

Today at VMworld Barcelona, VMware announced as a technology preview its new solution for telco cloud orchestration and automation: Project Maestro. This announcement heralds a critical milestone in VMware’s ongoing advancements in supporting the CSPs telco cloud transformation journey. This new purpose-built solution complements our growing Telco Cloud portfolio, providing capabilities that streamline network service orchestration and automation for any 4G and 5G networks.

A new addition to a fast-growing suite of telco cloud products and solutions


The transformation of CSP networks from physical infrastructure to cloud networks is driven by the promise of enhanced service experience, network resiliency, operational agility, and optimized capital expenditure. This shift is a radical departure from the traditional siloed single-purpose HW appliances model. CSPs now have to design and operate their services across a web of data centers bridging physical and virtual ecosystems while enabling interoperability across competing vendors. Considering the intensive tasks CSPs are challenged with today, including the coordination of VNFs,  combined with the design and management of services;  we believe that an automated approach that abstracts the complexity of a multi-cloud network will significantly simplify the on-boarding of network functions and services while delivering operational agility that will be critical to achieving network efficiencies.

In recent years, the market has responded poorly to CSPs’ needs of orchestration and automation by providing monolithic or integration-intensive solutions that underutilize the cloud infrastructure. Leveraging our unique cloud expertise, we’ve developed Project Maestro as a cloud-first software solution to accelerate the time-to-market of network functions and services while igniting operational agility through lifecycle management automation across any network and any cloud.


Telco Cloud Orchestration with Project Maestro


Project Maestro will allow communications service providers to: 

Orchestrate and automate with multi-cloud agility

Project Maestro will embed the concept of multi-cloud operational agility to simplify the design, onboarding, and management of both network functions and services seamlessly across data centers and tenants of the telco cloud. More specifically Project Maestro will offer:

  • Template-based design and simplified onboarding through an easy-to-use GUI
  • Network function and service integrated lifecycle management automation
  • Enhanced service experience with 360-degree telco cloud awareness for closed-loop issue remediation and optimized placement across clouds (core and edge)
  • Supercharge service quality with real-time AI-driven workflows between orchestration and VMware Smart assurance

Streamline the orchestration journey

Project Maestro will streamline the CSP orchestration journey with native integration into VMware vCloud NFV and other VMware cloud technologies to ease deployment, bring operational consistency, limit costs, and maximize infrastructure resources utilization. Project Maestro will also offer multi-cloud placements and ease workload mobility at the core to edge and from private to public clouds:

  • Cloud-first orchestration approach that automatically manages and abstracts the complexity of the underlying multi-cloud infrastructure
  • Native integration with VMware infrastructure (e.g., vCloud NFV) and management technologies (e.g., vCD, VIO, Tanzu, vROPS, VRO, etc.) enabling customers to maximize their VMware investments and to bolster their innovation cycle
  • Seamless management of VM and container-based infrastructures for a future-proof service-delivery foundation (VNF/CNF)
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud placements allowing workload mobility across data centers and tenants

Support a thriving and open multi-vendor Telco Cloud ecosystem

Despite the industry’s request for standardization, many vendors implicitly restrict orchestration within their ecosystem. Project Maestro is designed based on the latest MANO guidelines. It will provide integrated G-VNFM and NFVO capabilities to be used as combined or standalone modules interfacing any SOL-compliant components of the MANO framework (OSS, BSS, EMS/VNFM, VIM, etc.). Project Maestro’s VNF designer tool, coupled with the VMware Ready for NFV program will bolster innovation and interoperability by facilitating access to new infrastructure capabilities and supporting VNF certification for ensured operation and management across vendors.

VMware is a founding member of Open Source MANO (OSM) and actively contributes code to both OSM and ONAP projects. Project Maestro benefits from that experience by leveraging multiple key components from these initiatives. It will natively feature a modular, programmable, and model-driven approach to ensure integration with industry-leading SDN-C and S-VNFM components.

We are eager to bring Project Maestro to the market as it will allow CSPs to maximize their cloud transformation benefits while closing a critical gap in our industry. If you are at VMworld EMEA this week, please look at our on-site resources below or visit our website for more information.

Learn more about Project Maestro, the new telco cloud orchestrator for CSPs brought to you by VMware:

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