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How HPE and VMware partner to simplify our mutual CSP customers’ journey to become Digital Service Providers

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) today face the challenges of exploding mobile data traffic and increasing customer expectations, coupled with ever growing pressure to improve flexibility, accelerate deployment of new network capacity, and deal with eroding revenue streams and competition from upstart players in the communications space.   

Increasingly, CSPs are realizing the value of moving to VMware Telco Cloud Platform, which aims to enable the deployment of cloud-native/containerized and virtual network functions with telco-grade resiliency, service availability, and improved time to revenue compared to legacy infrastructure offerings.

However (to paraphrase the ancient adage about power and responsibility), with great flexibility and choice comes the potential for great complexity.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and VMware are partnering to help tackle that potential complexity, aiming to ease our mutual CSP customers’ burden when it comes to designing and deploying Telco Infrastructure.  With the new HPE Telco Core Blueprint C17,customers have access to a leading carrier grade infrastructure based on VMware’s proven Telco Cloud Platform with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, deployed on HPE’s industry leading HPE ProLiant servers, HPE networking, and HPE Primera storage. 

The blueprint is based on industry standards that offers the broadest portfolio across compute, storage, and networking—enabling choice, flexibility, and agility resulting in lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Some of the benefits include:

  • Broad Telco-enabled industry portfolio, from Core to Edge
  • NFVI leadership and expertise via VMware’s industry leading Telco Cloud Platform, leveraging VMware’s Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and Telco Cloud Automation to accelerate and simplify deployment and lifecycle management of containerized network functions
  • Compelling vision and roadmap for standards-based Open Telco infrastructure
  • Global carrier grade support and services
  • Ecosystem of technology, application, and System Integration (SI) partners

Built on VMware Telco Cloud Platform

The HPE Telco Core Blueprint C17 builds on VMware’s proven expertise in telecommunications with VMware’s Telco Cloud Platform, designed to enable CSPs to modernize their 5G Core for Web-Scale Speed and Agility.  With VMware’s Telco Cloud Platform, CSPs can:

  • Modernize their cloud to run both CNFs and VNFs side-by-side with the consistent horizontal infrastructure and deploy them throughout 5G networks, from core to edge.
  • Achieve low-latency data plane performance and scaling through enhanced networking with NSX.
  • Utilize microservices to run cloud-native applications and CNFs together.
  • Simplify Kubernetes operations for multi-cloud deployments with centralized management and governance.
  • Take advantage of cloud-native principle to rollout 5G networks with Multus, Topology Manager, and Kubernetes cluster automation tailored for telco use cases.
  • Architect their networks with integrated security for optimum application response times, scale, and service continuity dedicated to each tenant with complete resource isolation.
  • Utilize network virtualization solution, such as virtualized switching, routing, firewalling, and load balancing, with accelerated data plane performance achieved by DPDK and SR-IOV.

HPE Telco Core Blueprint overview

The HPE Telco Core Blueprint is an integrated, deployment-ready Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) hardware and software platform. Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides the HPE Telco Core Blueprint to HPE Pointnext services, system integrators, and partners as a reference design that uses HPE components. System integrators and partners use this reference design to create custom configurations according to the Telco customer requirements.

The following block diagram shows the layout of the HPE Telco Core Blueprint. This layout is based on the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) NFV architecture. The red dashed line encloses the HPE Telco Core Blueprint hardware and software components.

This diagram illustrates the HPE Telco Core Blueprint components.

To learn more about the new HPE Telco Core Blueprint featuring VMware’s Telco Cloud Platform, see the HPE Telco Core Blueprint C17 Technical Solution Brief.

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