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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Fusion Geek Speak: Cross Platform Encrypted Drive with VMware Fusion

The guys over at the BitTube blog have a cool post up about creating a truly cross-platform encrypted, portable drive for use on a Mac or Windows.

For those who don’t know, TrueCrypt is a free, open source, encryption application.  The latest version supports the ability to make a portable drive that works cross-platform.

The BitTube guys went and did some great documentation on how to do it.  There’s only one catch: they did it all without having a physical Windows machine!

They did all their creation and testing on a single Mac, and then later tested the results in a Windows VM, running on VMware Fusion.

Here are some screen caps of the results.  The first picture is of the encrypted drive mounted on the Mac:


And here’s the same encrypted drive, mounted in the Windows VM, running on VMware Fusion:


Very cool stuff!  Thanks for sharing guys!  If you’re interested in learning more, check it out.

Friday Fun: VMware Fusion Sponsoring Barcamp Austin

Vmware_fusion_barcamp The VMware Fusion team tries its best to engage with the larger Mac community, from going to Macworld and blogging and videoing the results, to sponsoring "MacCamp" following just after.

Well, BarCamps, which are loosely themed "tech-centric unconferences" are another phenomenal community comprising alpha geeks, not-so-geeks, and just interesting people in general, many of whom are Mac-centric, and many of whom would likely find value in switching to the Mac with the help of VMware Fusion.

When the organizers of BarCamp Austin, which runs just after South By Southwest Interactive, approached us about helping them out, we jumped at the chance, sponsoring the "unconference" and providing some copies of VMware Fusion for use as prizes for their iPhone SDK hacking contest, and as raffle items.

We wish we could be there in person, but this is the next best thing!


Fusion Faces: Premier Search Engine Blogger Danny Sullivan Running VMware Fusion

Pardon me as I get all fan-boy here for a second.

Danny Sullivan, of SearchEngineWatch and SearchEngineLand fame, and dyed in the wool tech geek, just blogged about he has gone and gotten himself a Mac.

According to his post, even though he never thought he’d do it, and he’s a little grumpy about the new user interface that he has to get used to, he went and bought a new MacBook Pro.

However, this was my favorite part, "I bought VMware [Fusion] so that I can get Windows XP running on it, as my security blanket."  So glad to know that Danny will be able to run his vital Windows XP apps that he’s come to know and love, by running VMware Fusion for Windows on Mac

I’m sure as soon as he witnesses the wonders of Expose, especially when combined with VMware Fusion’s Unity View, he’ll come around to the Mac UI.

Fusion Faces: Chris Gulker, founder of SFgate.com, running VMware Fusion

Chris Gulker has been around technology for a long time.  He founded SFgate.com, Examiner.com, and has worked at Apple and Adobe in  various product roles, so he knows his software.

It seems that recently he started playing around with VMware Fusion for Windows on Mac as an alternative to running Parallels Desktop.  He has a couple posts talking about running Windows XP and Ubuntu at the same time.

Chris has also been using his blog to chronicle his fight with cancer, documenting the ins and outs of his experience, including the technology involved in his treatments.

His latest post talks using VMware Fusion to run Windows-only medical visualization software GE Centricity.  He has a screenshot of his MRI, displayed in a VM running on VMware Fusion. 

It’s really rewarding to see users being able to use the product to help them do important things, like keep on top of health issues, in a more seamless way.  Stories like this really bring home the human value of this kind of technology in a way that sometimes gets missed when talking about running MS Outlook, Project, or Max Payne on a Mac.

Thanks for sharing, Chris!

Ask Dave Taylor Answers Questions About VMware Fusion


Tech support guru Dave Taylor over at "Ask Dave Taylor" has a great post up about running Vista in a virtual machine on VMware Fusion.

Apparently he’s had a lot of his audience asking him questions about VMware Fusion for running Windows on Mac, so he thought he’d do a post on Vista in a VM.

I love the screenshot he provided as proof of success.  Good old Solitaire:


Fusion Faces: Journalist and Author James Fallows Using VMware Fusion with His New MacBook Air

Imagine our surprise and delight when not a week after Robert Scoble boasted on his blog about how he had switched from Parallels to VMware Fusion our Google Alerts picked up on another high profile user talking about how he’s using VMware Fusion.

In this case, it was James Fallows, renowned author and Atlantic contributor.  James is doing a cool series on how life with his new MacBook Air is treating him.

In Friday’s post, he details how he’s now up and running Windows XP on MacBook Air thanks to VMware Fusion.

He had some challenges at first using a special install disc of Windows XP provided by the Atlantic IT department, but once he got a normal Windows XP disk, he was ready to rock.

This is one of the pictures he posted on his blog:


Apparently James likes a program called Zoot, which is used by writers and researchers to organize information that will eventually becomes books and magazine articles.  Well, Zoot only runs on Windows, but with VMware Fusion, James now can run Zoot for Mac.  Very cool. 

Here’s Zoot running on James’ shiny new MacBook Air, with VMware Fusion:


Fusion Faces: David Delmonte Reaches for the Stars with VMware Fusion

David Delmonte is a retired World Bank staff member who lives in Washington DC and has a serious passion for the stars.  So much so, that in 2006, he was selected by NASA as a "Solar System Ambassador" and in that capacity does speaking tours teaching people young and old about the space program and the stars. And as part of this gig, David has become a serious star watcher, with his own professional-grade Meade telescope.

David’s Challenge

Like a lot of specialized equipment, David’s telescope requires updating via software that only runs on Windows.  Specifically, the Meade Autostar Updater, which uploads the latest positions of stars, planet, galaxies, and so forth to David’s telescope, can only run on Windows.  This is a challenge that a lot of specialized devices face, from GPS receivers, to cell phones, and more.

David has a MacBook Pro that he loves, so updating his telescope was proving a challenge to him.  Previously, he had used Virtual PC 7 on an older PowerBook to try to run the update software, but he found using the PowerPC-based emulation of Virtual PC was just about impossible to use for his purposes. 

As David puts it, "I could only connect through a com port at a low bit rate, and often, after a couple of hours of uploading telescope firmware and data, the link would break, and I’d have to start over.  It was very frustrating."

The solution, heaven sent.

David decided to try VMware Fusion to run Windows on his Mac and run his Meade Autostar Updating software.  As he puts it, "It worked.  Not only did it work, but I could use a bluetooth USB adapter and got much faster data transfer rates." 

With VMware Fusion on his MacBook Pro, David can now update his telescope whenever he wants.  "Meade provides a set of guided tours that change as the sky changes.  Now with VMware Fusion I can upload these tours as often as I like.  I love not having to pray each time I try to update my telescope, and I love showing off to my Windows friends that I can run Windows XP faster than they can on native machines.  Unity view blows them away!"

And on more earthly topics, David also happens to manage his son’s business taxes using  TurboTax for Business, which only runs on Windows.  "It’s a breeze," says David. "Using TurboTax with VMware Fusion, that is.  Not the taxes. They’re no breeze at all!"

What would David say to someone in his previous situation?

"VMware Fusion isn’t expensive, the support is great, and there is an active user community on the VMware Fusion forums that help out a lot.  I would recommend this to anyone."