Program Updates VMware Marketplace

Updates to Terms and Conditions on VMware Marketplace™

VMware Marketplace™ is the one-stop shop for our customers to discover, try, buy, and deploy eligible partner ecosystem software for VMware products and services. For our publishing partners, the Marketplace represents a great way to reach joint customers and showcase your joint solutions with the VMware portfolio.

There are currently three types of publishing options in the VMware Marketplace: List-only (or Informational listings), Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) or Trial listings, and Paid listings. More details can be found in a recent blog here.

If you are a publishing partner with VMware Marketplace, please note that there have been recent updates to our Terms and Conditions, which you may notice the next time your organization logs in to the Marketplace. These changes are not material to your interaction with the Marketplace to publish or update your solutions; they are to enable the BYOL / Trial and Paid listings models and to reflect the way we have internally structured the Marketplace program within our other partner-facing programs here at VMware.

To see what’s changing, read the full VMware Marketplace blog here!


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