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Getting the Most Out of Your VMware Marketplace Solution Listing

Generate leads and establish new source of revenue with VMware Marketplace  

For TAP Partners, VMware Marketplace offers a single location to publish solution listings and enable Customers to discover, try, purchase, and deploy third party products directly to VMware endpoints. 

Did you know that VMware Marketplace can also serve as a revenue channel for Partners who publish Paid solution listings? Or that new leads come straight to your inbox? These and other important features of VMware Marketplace are described below. Read on to ensure you are maximizing VMware Marketplace for your business and getting the most out of your solution listings.   

Generate revenue with a new route to market  

If you are looking to create a new route to market and tap into VMware’s global Customer base directly, look no further than Paid solution listings on VMware Marketplace. Paid listings offer Partners the ability to list solutions for sale on VMware Marketplace, while retaining control over disbursement of the license key.  

How does it work? Partners can utilize the Paid listing option to provide Customers with technical information about their product (description, feature highlights, support information, etc.) and the SKUs available for purchase (list price, billing term, frequency, units of measurement, etc.). Partners set the price of each SKU and can offer one-year or three-year terms with upfront or monthly payment options.  

Enabling Customers to purchase your product from VMware Marketplace is easy, as Paid Listings have a “Purchase” button that allows Customers to leverage pre-established credit cards on file with VMware to purchase a solution. Payment is processed quarterly and issued by VMware for purchases made during the previous quarter, minus applicable transaction fees.  

For more information on Paid listings, check out the VMware Marketplace Program Guide.  

If you are interested in publishing a Paid listing, please contact VMwareMarketplace@vmware.com.  

Generate leads right to your inbox  

In addition to enabling Customers to discover and deploy solutions directly from VMware Marketplace, listings also capture and notify Partners of new leads. At the top of any listing, whether Paid listings or not, customers will find a “Request Info” tab. Users do not have to be signed in to see the “Request Info” tab, as shown in the screenshot below.   

Figure 1: Request Info Tab 

With the click of a button, Customers can request more information about a product and provide their contact information to the solution Publisher by filling out the brief Request Information form.

Figure 2: Request Information Form  

Once the Customer fills out the form, a notification is sent directly to the Partner via email. This new feature makes it easier for Partners to know they have new leads by pushing the notification to the Org Owner email address associated with their VMware Marketplace account. In addition, Partners can check the “Leads” section of their VMware Marketplace account at any time to reference leads previously received. Leads can be found under “View” on the main Marketplace homepage menu when a Partner is logged in to their publisher account.  

Showcase validation and certification badges previously earned  

To increase trust in the compatibility of third-party products with VMware stack, Partners can leverage their VMware Marketplace listings to showcase validation and certification badges earned. Partner Ready (validation) and VMware Ready (certification) badges are a visual representation of the compatibility testing that products built by Partners have successfully completed.  

To showcase a previously earned badge on VMware Marketplace, Partners should indicate the Partner Ready or VMware Ready program completed under the Version Information section of the Distributable solution publish flow, or under the Compatibility section of the Listing solution publish flow. Once submitted for review, the validation or certification program claimed will be verified by the VMware Marketplace team and the corresponding badge will be applied upon solution approval.  

Figure 3: Version Information of Distributable Publish Flow 

Seeing Partner Ready or VMware Ready badges on a solution listed on VMware Marketplace increases Customer confidence in the reliability of ecosystem solutions, thus making VMware Marketplace the source of truth for Customers to find validated, certified, and compatible ecosystem solutions.  

Trigger automated validation of new solution versions  

Solution listings can showcase validation or certification badges earned previously, but did you know that Partners can trigger automated validation through VMware Marketplace? Platform Validation happens automatically when Partners publish a new asset or a new version of an existing asset as distributable listings on VMware Marketplace. Here’s how it works: by uploading the latest version of an application per the Platform Validation Guidelines during the Distributable solution publish flow, Partners trigger automated testing at the core platform and application levels on the latest version of VMware platforms.  

If the tests are successfully passed, the approved solution will be published with the appropriate validation badge. This process eliminates manual compatibility testing, while highlighting interoperability issues in real-time. Note: This feature is currently available for container-based solutions that are being validated against VMware Tanzu.  

For more information on Platform Validation, please see the Platform Validation FAQ.  


With automation, timely notification, and paid listing options, these features make it easy for Partners to demonstrate compatibility, keep the latest solution version validated, and generate new leads and revenue from the VMware Customer base. Be sure to leverage these features to get the most out of your solution listings and drive revenue for your business through VMware Marketplace.  

Next Steps 

Review your active solution listings to identify opportunities to augment them with validation and certification badges or leveraging automated validation. To get started, log into VMware Marketplace at marketplace.cloud.vmware.com. Interested in publishing a Paid solution listing? Contact VMwareMarketplace@vmware.com.  

Browse the VMware Marketplace catalog and visit our webpage to learn more. Stay up to date on the latest catalog highlights by following @vmwmarketplace on Twitter. 


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