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Validating Tanzu Solutions for VMware Marketplace

This blog explains the options available to partners who wish to validate or certify their solution on VMware products. It is the fourth blog post for Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program partners in a series about VMware Marketplace. For an introduction to VMware Marketplace, check out the previous posts in the Guide to VMware Marketplace series: 

Now that you have decided to unlock TAP Benefits with VMware Marketplace, created your VMware Marketplace account, and determined which Publishing Option is the best fit for your needs, you are ready to publish your solution on VMware Marketplace.  

If you’ve chosen a distributable publish option (reference the Publishing Solutions on VMware Marketplace blog for details on publishing options), you will need to ensure your solution is validated or certified before publishing.  

Why Validate or Certify Your Product 

VMware requires distributable (BYOL/Trial/Paid) solutions to be validated or certified to give customers confidence in the interoperability of third-party products available on VMware Marketplace. 

Validated/certified solutions listed on VMware Marketplace are identified with a badge that indicates the validation or certification program completed. The presence of a badge on a partner solution assures VMware Marketplace customers that the solution is compatible with the VMware product indicated by the badge.  

How to Validate or Certify Your Product 

VMware offers multiple options for TAP partners to test the interoperability of their solutions with VMware products through Partner Ready and VMware Ready programs.  

Partner Ready programs enable the partner to validate a product’s interoperability with VMware. Upon successful testing, validated solutions receive a Partner Ready badge, which can be utilized in partner sales and marketing collateral. Partners agree to solely manage customer support requests for Partner Ready solutions. For more information and a list of the Partner Ready programs, please reference the Partner Ready program page on Technology Partner Hub.  

Deployable Partner Ready for Tanzu Validated Solution on VMware Marketplace 

VMware Ready programs are more robust than Partner Ready programs and represent the highest level of endorsement for products created by VMware partners. VMware Ready programs are designed for specific product categories, such as End-User Computing and Business Applications, to ensure customer confidence. Products that meet VMware Ready standards are jointly supported by VMware and the partner. For more information, please reference the VMware Ready Program Guide.  

Validation and Certification Programs for VMware Tanzu Partners 

Partner Ready VMware Tanzu  

For VMware Tanzu partners, the paths to earn the Partner Ready VMware Tanzu badge include:  

  1. Pre-Certification via Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF): If your solution is already certified by CNCF, VMware will honor it and automatically apply the Partner Ready for VMware Tanzu logo to your Marketplace listing. Learn more here.  
  1. Platform Validation: If your solution is a Helm Chart stored in a public repository, it is eligible for platform validation automated testing through VMware Marketplace. Learn more in the Platform Validation FAQ and check out previous blog posts: VMware Introduces Continuous and Automated Validation for its ISV and Ecosystem Solutions and  Continuous and Automated Validation for Tanzu Solutions on VMware Marketplace – Why, What, & How  
  1. On-Demand Test Environment: If solutions are neither CNCF-certified nor eligible for Platform Validation, an on-demand testing environment can be acquired. To request an environment, please visit the VMware Tanzu Partner Application Program webpage.   

Questions about getting started validating your solution Partner Ready Tanzu? Contact

VMware Ready for Partner Business Application Program 

VMware Ready Tanzu certification program is currently available to Business Application partners by invitation. Please contact for more information on the VMware Ready for Partner Business Application Program.  

Learn More  

To get started validating or certifying your product, review the available programs in the Partner Ready and VMware Ready program webpages of Technology Partner Hub. For more information, contact   Browse the VMware Marketplace catalog and visit our webpage to learn more. Stay up to date on the latest catalog highlights by following @vmwmarketplace on Twitter. 


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