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This is the second blog post for Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program partners in a series about VMware Marketplace. It will explain the prerequisites for publishing solutions on VMware Marketplace and walk through the steps required to create a Marketplace Account and enroll in the Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program, if necessary. For an introduction to VMware Marketplace, including how it came about and the benefits of publishing for TAP partners, please reference the first post in the series here

About VMware Marketplace 

If you are a technology partner looking to showcase your solution to VMware’s global customer base, VMware Marketplace is the platform for you. VMware Marketplace is a one-stop shop for VMware validated and certified ecosystem solutions that enables customers to discover, try, purchase, and deploy directly to VMware endpoints.   

The Marketplace houses a wide variety of solutions that can be deployed on premises or in the cloud. Over 2,300 products are currently listed on VMware Marketplace representing fifteen distinct solution categories such as DevOps, security, networking, and more. Moreover, the Marketplace supports multiple form factors including virtual machines, Kubernetes, SaaS, containers, and more.  

Who can publish solutions on VMware Marketplace?  

The Marketplace is available to all VMware partners with an active TAP membership. (If you are not an active TAP member and are interested in applying, please find more information about the TAP program here.) It is a requirement to publish at least one solution to VMware Marketplace to maintain an active TAP membership.   

What are the publishing options available to TAP partners on VMware Marketplace?   

There are three different publishing options that partners can choose from when publishing their solution on VMware Marketplace: Listing, Bring Your Own License (BYOL), and Paid. The Listing option enables partners to provide information about their solution to customers, whereas BYOL and Paid enable customers to download, subscribe, or deploy solutions directly from the Marketplace to their VMware endpoints. More detailed information about publishing options can be reviewed in the VMware Marketplace Program Guide.   

What types of customers visit VMware Marketplace?  

The Marketplace serves customers across the VMware product portfolio, from DevOps managers and App developers to IT, database, cloud and security administrators. For customers, the Marketplace offers convenience, trust in product compatibility, flexibility to work across different platforms, and transparency through a single console for notification, updates, and purchases.  

Getting started 

Publishing on VMware Marketplace entails creating a Marketplace Account, syncing your Marketplace account with an Active TAP membership, validating or certifying your solution, and completing the Publish flow.  


To get started, the following prerequisites are required:  

  1. A VMware Cloud Services account  
  1. An active TAP membership 
  1. A Marketplace account (one per TAP partner company)  
  1. A validated or certified solution (required for BYOL and Paid publishing options only)  

Below are the step-by-step instructions and screenshots to illustrate fulfilling each prerequisite to get started on VMware Marketplace.  

Step 1: Go to and click on “Create Marketplace Account”.  

  • You will be prompted to sign into VMware Cloud Services with My VMware credentials. If you do not have My VMware credentials, you will have the option to create a Cloud Services account for your organization.  

Step 2: Once you are signed into VMware Cloud Services, navigate back to the Marketplace URL, if not there already, and click “Publish with Us” in the upper right-hand corner.  

  • Next, you will be prompted to check your TAP membership. If you see your company listed in the “Company Search” table (example screenshot below), check the “TAP Member” column. If your organization is a TAP member, select “Add Me as a User”.  
  • If your organization’s TAP membership is not active, click “Enroll in TAP”.  
  • If you do not see your organization listed in the table, click “Enroll in TAP” and submit the application.  

Once your TAP application has been approved, your TAP account will sync with your Marketplace account upon sign into the Marketplace. 

Step 3: Go to and click “Sign In”.  

From there, you will be able to begin the publish flow. The VMware Marketplace Program Guide provides an overview of the publish process, and future blogs will cover the available publishing options in more detail.  

Benefits of Creating a VMware Marketplace Account  

Creating an account on VMware Marketplace enables your organization to publish solutions, manage existing solutions, and add and manage users. Once your organization’s account has been created, all current and future users will be able to leverage one account to manage all solutions published by your organization. Furthermore, the VMware Marketplace is the best place to showcase the certification and/or validation badges earned by your products to prospective customers who browse the Marketplace to learn about and consume VMware compatible solutions.  


For Marketplace troubleshooting assistance, please submit a support ticket through Cloud Services Portal (see instructions here). For questions related to your TAP account status, please contact   

Next Steps 

Visit our catalog page ( and click on “Create Marketplace Account” to get started on VMware Marketplace today.  

Learn More more detailed instructions on creating a Marketplace account, please reference Marketplace documentation or watch the demo video. Browse the VMware Marketplace catalog and visit our webpage to learn more. Stay up to date on the latest catalog highlights by following @vmwmarketplace on Twitter. To learn more about the Technology Alliance Partner program, visit the Technology Partner Hub.  


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