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What’s New in the TAP Program?

The Technology Alliance Partner Program (TAP) Team is always looking for ways to improve the TAP Partner experience with our systems, processes, and program offerings. As a result, we have made some significant changes to the TAP Program to streamline, simplify, and add value to our partner’s engagement with VMware. So let’s dive into all of these new and exciting changes.

1. New Centralized Portal – Technology Partner Hub

In the past, TAP partners were required to utilize numerous portals to engage with VMware to manage their requirements and renew their membership, order and access NFR licenses, request and receive support, certify/validate their products, and publish on VMware Marketplace. To address this unnecessary complexity, we have centralized the technology partner experience in Technology Partner Hub.

This new centralized portal is designed specifically to meet technology partner needs. In Technology Partner Hub you will find your TAP account information, as well as access to NFRs and go-to-market templates. You’ll also find links to Customer Connect and VMware Marketplace, developer support, validation and certification program information and so much more! Visit the Technology Partner Hub now to explore all of the amazing new features.

Partner Connect remains our portal for partners who wish to cross-enroll from TAP and take advantage of the many benefits of the Partner Connect Program. It also remains the central hub for partners who want to access their training discount on classes in Partner University.”

  • Partner University Training. VMware Learning Paths are designed to help you reach your highest level of proficiency with VMware technologies. Whether you’re just starting out with virtualization or you’re a seasoned veteran architecting or deploying VMware solutions, the role-based learning paths will take you on an educational journey tailored to meet your needs.
  • All TAP partners are eligible for a 20% discount on certification courses offered through VMware via Partner University. Partners should inquire about training discounts required prior to registration; courses taught by VMware Authorized Training Partners do not qualify for the 20% discount. If a partner does not already have a Partner Connect account, the partner must first create a Partner Connect account here.

2. Update to VMware Solution Areas

We have updated our solution areas to reflect the latest in VMware’s technology groups. The new solution areas are:

  • Multi Cloud
  • Virtual Cloud Network
  • App Modernization
  • Intrinsic Security
  • Anywhere Workspace

In this new update, we have added Carbon Black Cloud to the Intrinsic Security solution area which adds many new benefits to the Intrinsic Security solution area. This enables existing TAP partners to request access to Carbon Black cloud. Learn more about our new solution areas here.

3. New TAP Program Benefits & Requirements

The TAP Program has restructured the TAP requirements to maintain membership and tier status. Now, in addition to the payment of the program fee, the only requirement you must meet to maintain membership at the Standard tier is publication on VMware Marketplace within your first year of membership. For questions related to publishing on VMware Marketplace, please reach out to

Previously, upgrades to the Advanced tier required business unit sponsorship as well as completion of many additional collateral, sponsorship, and go-to-market requirements. Currently, the only requirement to upgrade to the Advanced tier is an invitation from the applicable business unit.

In addition to the new requirements, we have also added (and will continue to add) new exciting benefits per solution area and program tier. Please carefully review our updated TAP Program Guide for a complete list of benefits and requirements per tier and solution area.

4. Updated Acceptable Use Guidelines for NFRs

Along with the new changes to the TAP Program, we have updated the acceptable use guidelines for NFRs to clarify that the intent of NFR licenses is specifically to foster the adoption of joint solutions by our shared customers. Please see below for this new addition:

“Partners at the Standard, Advanced, or Strategic tier will receive NFR software and hosted services licenses solely for the purposes of demonstrating, developing, testing, training (internal, not-for-profit only), and supporting integrated and interoperable joint solutions with the intent to bring those solutions to market for consumption by our joint customers.”

For a complete list of use guidelines, please visit the new Not for Resale (NFR) Software, Hosted Services and Support Guide.

5. Renewal Dates

All TAP member renewal dates occurring between March and July 2021 have been moved to August and later to accommodate the development of renewal functionality within Technology Partner Hub. Any requirements needed to renew membership will be assessed at the new renewal date. Partners can view their updated renewal date by logging in to Technology Partner Hub.

6. Requesting NFR Licenses

All partners who are interested in requesting NFR licenses for their enrolled solution area should now do so through Technology Partner Hub, not the On-Demand Portal within Partner Connect.

Upgrading and downgrading NFR product versions within Customer Connect requires an active subscription associated with the license. Subscription is offered when a license is first provisioned. Licenses provisioned through the On-Demand Portal in Partner Connect required the partner to renew the subscription on those licenses annually. If you are unable to upgrade or downgrade your product version on a previously acquired NFR license, please email for assistance.

Note: any licenses provisioned from the new Technology Partner Hub Portal will not require you to renew your subscription. It will automatically remain in effect and be renewed as long as your membership is authorized.


For questions on the new TAP Program, please visit this page which will provide more information as well as a way to contact the TAP team directly. We are excited about these new changes to the TAP program, and are confident they will greatly benefit all TAP partners and provide a positive partner experience.


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