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Introducing the VMware Marketplace™

We are excited to announce the VMware Marketplacewhich will merge the current VMware Solution Exchange (VSX) and VMware Cloud Marketplace into one convenient combined catalog. Our partners will benefit from streamlined publishing, promotional, and go-to-market activities through our easytonavigate VMware Marketplace site.

The VMware Marketplace provides additional functionality beyond what is enjoyed by the current users of VSX With the Marketplace, our customers will be able to manage subscriptions, auto-update solutions to newer versions, access analytics related to solution usage, and deploy solutions to respective compatible platforms.

Join us tomorrow for our September 10, 2020 webinar where we will cover our migration and consolidation plans including a demo of the new product.

Why We Are Consolidating the Marketplaces  

The VSX, created in 2012, traditionally guided customers to technology partner offerings that are compatible with VMware solutions and products. It benefited our TAP ecosystem with thousands of leads. The VMware Cloud Marketplace, launched in 2019, helped customers find and deploy validated third-party and open-source solutions on VMware platforms.

While both marketplaces have provided significant value to VMware customers and partners, maintaining two different sites has caused extra work for our partners and confusion for our customers. The combined VMware Marketplace will address many of these issues and will allow partners to effectively reach their entire VMware customer base and create a streamlined customer experience.

VMware Marketplace will have a broad, inclusive charter as a convenient one-stop shop, featuring over 2,500 third-party, open-source and first-party solutions across all VMware platforms, solution categories and format types. Customers will be able to discover and learn about different solutions, as well as deploy them directly to VMware endpoints (when a deployment asset is provided). Our software and hardware partners can utilize the combined marketplace to reach and meet the needs of the entire VMware customer base. Read more about the platform in greater depth on the original VMware Marketplace announcement post, published by the VMware Marketplace team, here.

Quick Start for Logging in to the VMware Marketplace 

 Signing in and navigating the VMware Marketplace is easy and intuitive.  

  1. Starting on September 15, the VMware Marketplace launch date, you can visit the VMware Marketplace catalog page to sign in.
  2. If you are an existing VSX usersimply use the same set of credentials that you have been using for the VSX to log in.
  3. If you are new to VMware Marketplace and not an existing VSX usersign up for the Marketplace through the Sign-Up button in the top-right corner. Learn more by accessing the VMware Marketplace instructions.
  4. Go to “Service Management” in the left navigation bar to add, edit, update, archive, or publish your solutions.
  5. To publish solutions on the VMware Marketplace, follow the process as described in the Publisher Guide. Overall, the new Marketplace will have similar processes to the VSX, with some changes to the solution exit form.
  6. After submitting your solution, wait for our admin team to review and approve your solution. Please note that solution submissions will be reviewed within 24-48 hours, and we will notify the submitter if there are additional approvals needed that might increase wait time.
  7. To view your published solutions, use the “Services” tab in the left navigation bar.


We look forward to welcoming everyone to the VMware Marketplace. If you’d like to learn more information about the migration, feel free to reach out to us at VMwareMarketplace@vmware.com.  See the FAQ below to answer any of your logistical questions on the new platform.


  • Why can’t I publish or edit my listings on the VSX right now?

    To transition the two platforms into a singular site, the VSX has been temporarily put into a readonly mode. For the next two weeks starting September 3rd , you will be unable to update your existing listings or publish new solutions. At the end of that period, publishing and editing will be opened directly on the VMware Marketplace. 


  • What will happen to my listings on the new platform?

    All published and draft listings on the VSX will automatically migrated to the VMware Marketplace. However, deleted listings will not migrate to the new platform. When we finish migrating the listings, we will notify you with instructions on signing in, managing, updating, and publishing solutions. 


  • I am unsure if I published on the VSX before my TAP membership renewal date and now I cannot publish a listing. What do I do?

    If you think you might have an issue with meeting your TAP requirements, email vsxalliance@vmware.com as soon as possible. 


  • How can I learn more about the migration and new VMware Marketplace?

    Sign up for the upcoming webinar from the VMware Marketplace team on September 10th, 2020 where we will cover our migration and consolidation plans including a demo of the new product 

For other questions and concerns on the VSX, contact us at vsxalliance@vmware.com 

For questions regarding the VMware Marketplace please review the VMware Marketplace FAQs and reach out to VMwareMarketplace@vmware.com with any additional questions. 


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