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Ready for VMworld 2019?


VMworld 2019 is quickly approaching, with less than a month before the festivities kick off on Sunday, August 25th. Before you head to San Francisco, learn about these can’t-miss events and exclusive opportunities for technology partners.


Sessions for Partners on the Next Generation of VMware


Sunday, August 25

Partner General Session | 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Partners should plan to kick off VMworld 2019 here. VMware leadership will outline their vision and strategy for FY21 and beyond, highlight new business opportunities, and share insight on key announcements that will be communicated throughout the week.

Partner Networking Reception | 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Engage with VMware executives, experts, thought leaders, and fellow partners in a relaxed and informal setting.


Sunday, August 25 – Thursday, August 29

Partner Lounge & Partner Lounge Theater Sessions

The partner lounge is conveniently located in the Square. It’s the place for partners to hold a customer meeting, catch a theater session presentation, engage with VMware experts at the kiosks, or simply relax or recharge.


Meet with the TAP Team


If you are interested in meeting with a TAP Program Manager at VMworld U.S., please fill out this survey. Be sure to include the topics you would like to discuss, so we can do our best to arrange the correct attendees to address your areas of interest. Meetings are thirty minutes long and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We look forward to meeting you at VMworld this year!


Partner Press Releases


VMware partners who are planning to issue news releases during VMworld 2019 need VMware approval to mention VMware and/or quote one of its spokespeople. The following guidelines provide information on submission deadlines, content parameters and the approval processes to help VMware expedite review and approval of your organization’s news releases.

If you would like to issue a press release ahead of VMworld, please reach out to tapcollateral@vmware.com


Diamond and Platinum Sponsors

  • Press release deadline: Monday, August 12, 5 p.m. PT
  • VMware to provide media list: Monday, August 12
  • VMware to return approved release by Thursday, August 22
  • Press kit deadline: Thursday, August 22, 5 p.m. PT

Other Sponsorship Levels and Exhibitors

  • Press release deadline: Monday, August 5, 5 p.m. PT
  • VMware to provide media list: Monday, August 12
  • VMware to return approved release by Friday, August 16
  • Press kit deadline: Thursday, August 22, 5 p.m. PT


VMworld 2019 US Sessions


Here is a list of interesting sessions at VMworld 2019 US in the content catalog https://my.vmworld.com/widget/vmware/vmworld19us/us19catalog?

Please check out the Partner events https://www.vmworld.com/en/us/programs/partner-events.html


ROCS (R&D Operations and Central Services)

VMware Research & Development Survey

Do you have a few minutes to help improve VMware products and services? At VMworld 2019 US, we’ll be deploying a survey to collect feedback on topics including product localization, product security, quality, technical documentation, and vSphere performance. Can’t wait to take the survey? Or can’t make it to VMworld? Click here to access the survey. We greatly appreciate your time & insight! https://insights.vmware.com/surveys/XVJB5S/



ROCS Team Track SessionID Title Speaker1 (Owner) Speaker2
PERF Hybrid Cloud -> HCInfra HBI2526BU Extreme Performance Series: Performance Best Practices Mark Achtemichuk Valentin Bondzio
PERF Hybrid Cloud -> HCInfra HBI2494BU Extreme Performance Series: vSphere Compute & Memory Schedulers Richard Lu
PERF Hybrid Cloud -> HCInfra HBI2090BU Extreme Performance Series: vSphere & Intel Optane DC PMEM=Max Performance Qasim Ali Praveen Yedlapali
PERF Hybrid Cloud -> HCInfra HBI1421BU Innovations in vMotion: Features, Performance and Best Practices Sree Setty Arun Ramanathan
PERF Hybrid Cloud -> HCInfra HBI2880BU Extreme Performance Series: DRS 2.0 Performance Deep Dive Adarsh Jagedeeshwaran Sai Inbattini
PERF Hybrid Cloud -> HCI HCI1619BU Troubleshooting performance issues with vSAN Performance Diagnostics Amitabha Banerjee Parikshit Gopalan
PERF Hybrid Cloud -> HCI HCI1606BU SAP HANA on vSAN: Best Practice Recommendations and Lessons Learned Sathya Krishnaswamy Chen Wei
PERF ET -> ML & Analytics MLA1594BU Optimize Virtualized Deep Learning Performance with New Intel Architectures Dave Jaffe Padma Apparao (Intel)
PERF Apps -> BCA BCA1332BU The Different Forms of Machine Learning: How They Fit with VMware Uday Kurkure Justin Murray
PERF Apps -> BCA BCA1563BU High Performance Virtualized Spark Clusters on Kubernetes for Deep Learning Dave Jaffe Justin Murray
PERF Apps -> BCA BCA1482BU Extreme Performance Series:SQLServer, Oracle, and SAP Monster Database VMs Todd Muirhead
PERF Apps -> BCA BCA1430BU Accelerating Application/Database Performance In the Self-Learning SDDC Todd Muirhead Bob Goldsand
PERF Apps -> BCA BCA2551BU Extreme Performance Series: Low Latency Media & Entertainment Workloads Mark Achtemichuk Bob Goldsand
PERF Apps -> BCA BCA1393BU SAP HANA on vSphere 6.7u2 and Intel Cascade Lake Best Practices Sebastian Lenz Erik Rieger
PERF Apps -> BCA -> Tutorial BCA2158TU SAP on VMware Performance and Sizing Sebastian Lenz Vas Mitra
PERF Apps -> BCA -> Tutorial BCA2169TU vSphere Advanced Performance Design, Configuration and Troubleshooting Mark Achtemichuk
PERF TAM TAM3204U vSphere Performance: Deep Dive Mark Achtemichuk
PERF TAM TAM3615U vCenter Performance: Deep Dive Ravi Soundararajan


Partner Lounger & Theater Presentations

Presenter Topic / Title of Presentation Date & Time Of Presentation ID
Iris Avidan Networking & Security Integration Opportunities for Technology Partners Tuesday August 27

12:30 pm

ID 3449


Hands On Labs ( HoL )

Lab Info Owners Lab #

Mastering vSphere 6.7 U2 Performance

David Morse

Lisa Roderick

vSphere Challenge Lab Manny Duron

(David Morse)

 Accelerate Machine Learning in vSphere using GPUs Uday Kurkure

Kenyon Hensler

Serving Virtual Machine Learning Inference in VMware vSpjere Uday Kurkure

Kenyon Hensler

Launch Your Machine Learning Workloads in Minutes on VMware vSphere Uday Kurkure

Kenyon Hensler




Click here to view tutorials.


Tutorial Title

Speakers Abstract Date & Time
vSphere Advanced Performance Design, Configuration and Troubleshooting  

Mark Achtemichuk

The VMware vSphere Advanced Performance workshop provides the most advanced technical, and practical, performance design, tuning and troubleshooting oriented training available. VMware Certified Design Expert Mark Achtemichuk leads a team of VMware Engineers covering a broad range of topics including the ESXi scheduler, memory management, virtual machine optimization, storage and network tuning. Students will become empowered to design and configure a performant vSphere platform, correctly provision right-sized virtual machines, and tune the environment for any type of application. Additionally, they will be able to identify the location of performance issues, diagnose root cause and remediate a wide variety of performance conundrums using the many techniques practiced by the most seasoned vSphere veterans and VMware internal experts.  

Thursday August 29, 2019

SAP on VMware Performance and Sizing Sebastian Lenz

Vas Mitra

Thursday August 29, 2019



Thank you and please reach out to tapalliance@vmware.com with any questions!


TAP Team



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