The TAP team is pleased to announce a new benefit for TAP members interested in joining the VMUG community!   TAP members who have not yet participated in a VMUG webinar or event, are now eligible for a 20% discount off their VMUG webcast and event sponsorship fees.  

With 125,000+ members worldwide and over 200 local groups, VMUG is a dynamic, collaborative, independent community of VMware customers, solution partners, and VMware experts. Utilizing this new benefit as a TAP member: 

  • Can save more than a $1,000 on a webcast  
  • Help market your solution to the right audience 
  • Fulfill the new TAP program requirements for webcasts and event sponsorships 

Partners who have previously completed a VMUG webinar and would like to have it counted towards their TAP program requirements should email to ensure proper credit has been issued. 

For a complete list of TAP membership requirements for each tier, please visit the TAP Program Guide. 

To schedule a VMUG webinar or event sponsorship and take advantage of the 20
% TAP discount, reach out to Lisa Crews at


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