Program Updates

Go-to-Market Opportunities for TAP Partners

As many partners now know, the VMware TAP Program has been transformed to better support the partners and joint solutions in our growing technology partner ecosystem. The Program update features a badge-based structure, in which partners progress through tiers according to chosen solution areas. The update also aggregates many partner services into a shared point of reference, making TAP a partner’s “front door” into VMware. Additionally, engaging in TAP go-to-market benefits has never been more organized or transparent.

VMware now offers the opportunity to request press release, solution brief, webinar, and whitepaper support as a benefit to partners at all tiers and solution areas. Completing these go-to-market collateral projects will expose partners to a Business Unit (BU) contact as a stakeholder in content development and approvals. This activity, in turn, exposes the BU to the partner’s joint solution. As partners and the BU contact become more engaged by working on more complex go-to-market activities like webinars and whitepapers, the opportunity to earn a BU sponsor grows.

TAP GTM Engagement

We highly advise partners to request our go-to-market collateral support as soon as possible. Approval and support of collateral projects are subject to BU availability. To get started today, visit the TAP marketing benefits page on Partner Central. On this page, you will find templates for various press release types, as well as request forms for solution briefs, webinars, and whitepapers.




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