Updates to the VMware Solution Exchange: Product Listing Cards, Card Preview, and More

We are pleased to announce new updates to the VMware Solution Exchange Marketplace that will make the platform easier to use, more reliable, and more effective for our customers and partners.

New Product Listing Cards

The updated VSX features new product listing cards that make it easier for our customers and partners to find technology partner product and solution information at a glance. New details included on the product listing cards include product version, last updated date, primary VMware product, appropriate content type, number of downloads, and any entitlement.

VSX Preview Link

In editing mode, the VSX now includes a “VSX Preview” link which enables partners to preview their product listing card before publishing. This ensures partners know what information will be included on the card before it is public.

List View

We’ve also added a list view that will enable users to view and filter the solutions listings and export this information into an Excel spreadsheet. This list view will enable VMware sales teams as well as partners and customers to compile a catalog of products and solutions by product, content type, certification, and more.

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

For Management partners, the upcoming release of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager (vRSLCM) will enable users to browse and fetch product content (such as Orchestrator workflows, Automation Blueprints, and more) available on the VMware Marketplace from within the product. Please visit the Cloud Management blog to learn more about this upcoming release.

Contact Us

For more information on the recent VSX update, please visit contact the VSX team at  vsxalliance@vmware.com.


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