Developer Center VMware

UX Design Standards for vSphere Web Client

Are you designing a plug-in for the vSphere Web Client? If so, we have good news: the UX Design Standards are for you!
Available on the Developer Center web site, the Standards provide design principles, integration guidelines, and visual language specifications to give your plug-in the best user experience possible. Check them out at

By using the Standards, you and your product team will discover:

  • The defined entry points for best access to your solution
  • How to transition interactions seamlessly across plug-ins
  • How to optimize the object-driven interface for efficient workflow
  • How to make the most of common design patterns

The initial sections of the Standards help you realize the importance of the vSphere Web Client environment. Understanding the fundamental design principles and how things work is essential to producing seamless integration with the environment.
Search the Standards to hone in on the exact design pattern you need. You’ll find examples and instructions on when and how to use each pattern and component. You’ll also find guidelines and examples on how to “punch up” your UI text—make it concise, specific, and familiar. The Integration Compliance checklist is a great bonus feature–use it to evaluate the level of your plug-in’s integration.

Your team will benefit from the Standards because:

  • You will build on patterns already familiar to your users
  • Your plug-in becomes immediately usable because it’s consistent across the framework
  • You measurably reduce design and development time (we’ve proved it!)
  • Your plug-in will feel like it properly belongs in the vSphere Web Client environment