VMworld is almost here and session seats are filling up very quickly. Reserve you seat at the sessions now to avoid disappointment. Here are some great sessions to go to in the TECHNOLOGY EXCHANGE TRACK (TEX):

TEX5221 – Go to Market with the VMware Solution Exchange – Watch promo video

The VMware Solution Exchange (VSX) is VMware’s marketplace for ecosystem solutions. It currently contains more than 2,000 solutions from VMware partners and developers. Since its launch in 2012, it has had more than 3 million unique visitors and more than 10 million page views. This session is for both the seasoned users as well as for partners who have never published a solution on the VSX. In this session you will learn about: 1) How to create a solution listing 2) How to publish and advertise your events 3) Best practices for driving traffic to your page and 4) How SingleHop, a Chicago based VMware partner, supports the Solution Exchange Ecosystem by providing a VMware based cloud platform for Solution Exchange Partners to leverage. SingleHop’s platform supports VMware based public cloud, private cloud and virtual data center solutions, coupled with best in class managed services designed for flexibility, scale, performance and compliance.

TEX5316 – Failsafe at PCIe Level: Enabling PCIe Hot Swap – Watch promo video

VMware is working on a low level failsafe mechanism to allow hot swap of PCIe devices without the need to reboot servers. This is especially important for devices that have less endurance like PCIe SSDs. In this session, we will introduce the background for this future capability and discuss the architecture for hot-plug capable drivers. We hope that through this session, our partners can better understand how they can make their their future PCIe devices hot-plug capable. We hope that through this session, our partner can get to know more about our new driver model in vSphere 2013, as well as the key points to make their driver capable of doing PCIe hot swap.

TEX5658 – Incredible Partner Solutions for End User Computing – Watch promo video

Why let the software defined datacenter people have all the fun? – We are witnessing one of the most exciting transformations ever in end user computing. From the company that Virtual Desktop Infrastructure comes incredible new solutions within the VMware Horizon Suite that span the entire breadth of modern day end user computing challenges. Are you looking to help scale VMware Horizon View deployments globally while also at the same time adding Unified Communications? With only 7 months remaining, have your customers completed your XP to Windows 7 migrations? Have 4-letter acronyms like BYOD, COIT, COPE left you out in the COLD ? Join us for this high-energy session where we will address how VMware and our technology partners are playing an integral role in helping customers extend the benefits of the broadest solution in the industry for end user computing.

TEX5485 – Building a Validation Factory for VMware Partners

As vSphere adoption becomes more ubiquitous with our partners, we see more need to validate the entire portfolio of applications from a vendor, so they can strategically align their entire product towards the world of virtualization. In this talk, we discuss technical and procedural elements of achieving such a “Validation Factory”. Initially, we outline the need we see in our partners for this service, and what org chart can best service the need. Then we drill into the more technical aspects of how to prioritize lab work to quickly provide our mutual customers with the information they need to be successful. Finally we drill down into one of the most demanding vertical markets where this demand is high – Telecom. We highlight common challenges around Telco performance and availability, and show how efficient testing programs can address those needs today and in the future.

See you at VMworld!


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