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Exciting Bootcamps & Workshops at Partner Exchange 2013

TEX1150 @ PEX – Workflow Development with vCenter Orchestrator -Wed  Feb 27, 1 PM – 6 PM PT

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Use what you already have! Automation and Integration are key needs when implementing a Software Defined Data Center. With VMware vCenter Orchestrator you (and your customers!) already have a reliable Workflow Engine installed in your (their) environment (it’s included in every vCenter installation).

This Boot Camp gives you the know-how needed to activate this powerful platform. You will learn the architecture of vCenter Orchestrator, how to develop custom workflows, and how you can use Orchestrator to integrate all your IT Infrastructure. In lots of hands-on labs you will develop workflows based on real-world examples and use-cases.You will experience the Power of vCenter Orchestrator when we integrate vCloud Director, vCenter, vCloud Automation Center and components of the vCloud Suite with external systems. Even if the Workflow Library and the many Plugins allow to develop workflows mostly in graphical drag-and-drop style, experience in scripting or software development (no matter what programming language) is helpful for this Boot Camp. At the end of this Boot Camp you will be able to provide additional value to your services directly by automating and integrating your customer’s Infrastructure – without the need to sell additional products&licenses upfront!

Joerg Lew – Senior Consultant, VMware, Inc. & Brian Watrous – Technical Trainer, VMware, Inc.

CI1282 @ PEX – Delivering PCI Compliance on vCloud Suite – Tue Feb 26, 1 PM – 5 PM PT

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VMware and our Qualified Security Assessor partners have produced an Architecture Design Guide and Validated Reference Architecture for PCI. In this session we will look at an overview of this ongoing program to deliver evolving content for PCI and other compliance initiatives, such as healthcare and government. This content enables our partners to deliver services that facilitate our customers running applications subject to these compliance audits as part of their overall Business Critical Applications strategy.

Partners will learn details about what they can expect from VMware and Technology partners for turnkey approaches in the delivery of these solutions and also how to build service offerings that fill the gaps specific to customer environments and individual workloads.


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