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VMware and Juniper Collaboration – Data Center Networks

Hello from VMworld Europe!

First off I would like to thank the multitude of partners that are supporting VMware during this event. It’s amazing to see the momentum continue from VMworld in San Francisco to Barcelona, where our international and global partners continue to drive the virtualization revolution worldwide. In San Francisco we announced vCloud Suite 5.1, which is the most comprehensive cloud infrastructure and management solution for the software-defined datacenter. vCloud Suite includes groundbreaking innovation designed for cloud networking called VXLAN. Our customers are asking for security, compliance, performance, scalability and unified management – all of which VXLAN and the vCloud Suite from VMware deliver.

Software-defined networking (SDN) has always been an integral part of our virtualization journey, and vCloud Suite 5.1 does not disappoint. At its core is VXLAN, an architecture aimed at building automated scalable networks designed for the cloud. VXLAN provides the ability to build multi-tenant cloud networks to support the requirements of today’s business-critical application. The key to VXLAN’s success is its ability to integrate with the underlying physical network, eliminating the barriers imposed by traditional networking technology.

Physical layer integration ensures that the commitment around performance and scalability are satisfied. That’s why we are collaborating with Juniper Networks to build VXLAN solutions. Together we are addressing the requirements of software-defined networking and scalability for cloud providers and enterprise IT datacenter markets. Juniper and VMware have partnered to deliver integrated solutions to our customers for years and this is another example of that strong relationship. Through this collaboration, customers will benefit from the flexibility and performance that only the integration of physical and virtual networks can provide.
See Juniper’s blog.

I hope you enjoy VMworld Europe as much as I do. I would strongly encourage you to learn more about our latest networking innovations by attending breakout sessions and viewing technology demonstrations at the VMware booth.

Parag Patel, vice president, Global Strategic Alliances, VMware


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