Announcing New Services Software Solution Bundle for TAP Elite Members

Available to TAP Elite members for free starting today, the new VMware Services Software Solution (SSS) bundle consists of purpose-built stand alone software applications that automate data gathering and analysis of information to help optimize VMware environments. This bundle includes new versions of proven tools–including VMware HealthAnalyzer, Migration Manager, and Capacity Planner, and the new View Planner tool for sizing and validating desktop virtualization designs.

Together, these software applications will enable VMware partners to:

  • Identify opportunities to improve the design and performance of their customers’ virtual environments
  • Assist with design and configuration validation and load testing to result in higher performance designs and configurations
  • Automate workflows, eliminate inefficiencies, decrease the time to gather information, simplify the process to draw conclusions and develop insight.

The SSS bundle subscription includes unlimited yearly access to:

  • VMware Health Analyzer: Automates the collection of VMware vSphere™ inventory, configuration and utilization data, analyzes data and recommends grades, and generates a report card that presents observations, findings and data categorized by VMware Health Check best practices.
  • VMware Migration Manager: A web-based migration management application with an easy-to-use GUI that enables you to deliver high-value P2V large migration services quickly and easily.
  • VMware View Planner: Simulates application workloads for various user types in a typical Windows desktop environment and quantitatively estimates impacts on systems, network and storage based on various View deployment parameters.
  • VMware Capacity Planner: A business and IT capacity planning tool for the datacenter and desktop that provides an integrated set of analysis, planning and decision support functions to enable faster, measurable and more accurate infrastructure assessment services.

Check them out today by visiting the SSS page in Partner Central.  (You will need to login to Partner Central to view the page.)


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