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TAP Winter 2017 Webinar – Wed. January 25th

On Wednesday, January 25th, at 8:00 am PDT, the TAP team will host the TAP Winter 2017 TAP Quarterly Webinar. This webinar will outline the VMware Ready for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) program and provide valuable insight for partners interested in learning more about certifying solutions that integrate with the VMware vCloud NFV bundle.

Partners interested in learning more about the NFV VMware Ready program are encouraged to attend this live webinar to take full advantage of this benefit. Partners registered for the event will also have a chance to participate in the live Q&A that follows the presentation.

Register today to learn more about the VMware Ready NFV program.

Access Previous TAP Webinars

The quarterly webinars hosted by the TAP team are designed to assist TAP partners with understanding and navigating the benefits available via the program. Previous webinars have covered topics, such as:

Recordings of the previous quarterly TAP webinars are located on the “Training” tab on the TAP Events and Training page in Partner Central.

Questions about this webinar or other TAP benefits should be directed to the TAP team via tapalliance@vmware.com or toll-free at

Starting 2017 With TAP and Partner Central

Partners looking to catch up with TAP can utilize Partner Central to take full advantage of their partnership. We publish many of our quarterly webinars and trainings in Partner Central, making the portal essential for partners looking for TAP go-to-market opportunities and training resources.

To get started, login to Partner Central and choose the option that fits your needs. Click the hyperlinks below to see examples of benefits found in Partner Central.

Note: Not receiving the regular TAP Newsletter? Go to Your Profile Page in Partner Central and select the My Communication Preferences  option. From there you can update your communication preferences to ensure you receive important program updates and communications.

Reach out to the TAP team if you need any clarification about partner benefits or requirements at tapalliance@vmware.com. Partners can also call the team at 866-524-4966 with any questions they may have.

2016 Global Partner Innovation Awards –Nominate Now

Nominations must be received by January 15, 2017

Don’t miss this opportunity to stand out amongst your peers and get recognized for outstanding achievement in the VMware partner ecosystem.

The Global Partner Innovation Awards are a mark of distinction that VMware presents to high performance partners. We look forward to acknowledging and honoring 2016 award winners at the Partner Leadership Summit in May of 2017.

Technology Alliance Partners can nominate for 2016 successes, including the following examples:

  • An ISV that has leveraged VMware platform and worked with a customer to deliver an innovative solution
  • Had a strategic influence with a joint partnership/joint selling
  • Demonstrated a measurable impact on VMware growth by delivering largest incremental year-over-year growth
  • Has leveraged partner-initiatives and joint offers to deliver new footprints exhibiting leadership and best practices.

Why you should nominate your organization? Watch this video to get the inside scoop straight from our Channel and Marketing Executives.

In addition to accolades, below are some of the benefits winners receive:

  • Recognition at the Partner Leadership Summit in 2017
  • Recognition at VMworld 2017 (includes a pull up banner and slide within keynote)
  • A pass to Partner Exchange @ VMworld 2017
  • A Personalized Award
  • Promotion of company name and award on Partner Central
  • Press release template
  • A blog post on the VMware Power of Partnership site
  • Use of the exclusive 2016 Global Partner Awards logo on web/email

Submit your nomination for a Global Partner Innovation Award today and you could be Partner of the Year for NSX, Mobility, SDDC, or any one of the 19 categories. Winners will be selected based on the criteria for each award as they relate to growth, sales, net new customers, and marketing.

We look forward to receiving your nominations and honoring the 2016 Global Partner Innovation Award winners.

Why Upgrade to VMware vCloud Director 8.10, Part One

There’s no better time than now to upgrade your data center to vCloud Director 8.10, the latest version of our management solution for multi-tenant cloud environments. Released in May 2016, Version 8.10 of vCloud Director offers an enhanced architecture and new features that provide a more flexible and comprehensive platform for delivering infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions on the hybrid cloud.

This blog post – part one of a two part series – will make the case for why vCloud Director 8.10’s feature updates are critical to the next iteration of your data center. Below we’ve outlined three key reasons to upgrade to vCloud Director 8.10:

  • Increased UI Functionality
    Unlike versions 5.5 and 8.2, vCloud Director 8.10 allows users to access features directly through the UI, achieving full parity with the vCloud Director REST API. As a result of this update, Version 8.10 allows admins to limit the number of VDCs that can be created in an organization, engage tenant throttling and define VDC template characteristics directly from the UI.
  • VM Affinity and Advanced VM Settings for Enhanced Performance
    vCloud Director 8.10 leverages the VMware vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler utility at the compute cluster level to distribute VMs in an organization’s data center in a way that complies with affinity or anti-affinity rules set between VMs. This enables multiple VMs to remain on the same VMware ESXi hosts, or to be split among ESXi hosts.
  • UI-supported VCD access controls
    When users are added at an organizational level, access to VDCs in the company’s profile is either all in or all out. vCloud Director 8.10 enables restricted user access to specific VDC within an organization’s data center through the brand-new VDC Permissions API feature. With this new functionality, a VDC can now be set to shared, meaning that even if a “control list” exists for a specific VDC, it can be overruled.

New online resources and VMware Education training makes it even easier to upgrade to vCloud Director 8.10. The vCloud Director Products Page offers a wealth of information for those new to the solution, including the vCloud Director 8.10 Technical White Paper, and a selection of case studies showcasing some of our latest success stories.

Now available on VMware’s Solution Exchange Portal, the vCloud Director Compatibility Guide lists products built by members of VMware’s Independent Software Vendor program that are compatible with the vCloud Director 8.10 update, streamlining the vendor selection process. We have also launched a new vCloud Director Fundamentals course focused on showcasing all version 8.10 has to offer through 3.5 hours of self-paced learning.

Debunking 3 Common Myths Around vCloud Director

There has been speculation that VMware vCloud Director was no longer a priority for VMware—but that couldn’t be further from the truth. With the release of vCloud Director 8.10 this spring, VMware has doubled down on its dedication to enhancing the product, and has even expanded the available training program to keep pace with the evolving needs of vCloud Director users.

vCloud Director fits into VMware’s larger vision for the software defined data center (SDDC), now more than ever before. We have provided answers below to clear up a few of the biggest misconceptions out there today:

  • MYTH #1 – vCloud Director is End-of-Life or End-of-Support:
    This is actually not the case. In May 2016, VMware released vCloud Director 8.10, the latest version of the product, in response to customer feedback and an industry-wide move to the hybrid cloud. New features in this release includes distributed resource scheduler affinity and anti-affinity for VMs and UI integration of NSX for heightened security.

    To get customers up to speed with the new release, the team has launched a free vCloud Director 8.10 Fundamentals eLearning course, and after VMworld Europe, we plan to expand these offerings through new vCloud Director Hands-on Labs via the VMware HOL Online portal.

  • MYTH #2 – Usage is Lagging:
    In fact, the opposite is true. Not only is usage of vCloud Director increasing, but it’s reaching new levels of growth. Look no further than Zettagrid, a cloud computing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider, which deployed vCloud Director to simplify data center provisioning. Or iland, an award-winning enterprise cloud infrastructure provider that uses vCloud Director to supply greater flexibility and customization to its clients.

    Furthermore, VMware continues to partner with members of its independent software vendor program group to catalogue and support the most recent products built by ISVs that are compatible with VCD through it through the VMware Solution Exchange. vCloud Director has proven itself a valued partner for customers across industries and hybrid cloud ecosystems, and version 8.10 only solidifies VMware’s continued commitment to the product and its users.

  • MYTH #3 – User Interface (UI) is Static:
    You spoke, and we listened. A change in direction from previous versions, the release of vCloud Director 8.10 demonstrated a commitment to the UI by exposing all features directly through the UI and achieving feature parity with the API. Features now available on the UI include storage profiling, tenant throttling, and self-service VDC templates that give vCloud Director a more robust and flexible platform for delivering IaaS solutions.

Through a combination feature updates that increase agility, new training opportunities, and an enhanced UI with heightened functionality, VMware continues to actively invest in the vCloud Director user experience.

Rest assured, there’s more to come.

New TAP Videos Available


Learn More About your TAP Go-to-Market Benefits

Get Started Today

We have recently created updated videos for partners to learn more about, and get started with, their program benefits. These informative videos were previously presented during one of our earlier quarterly webinars, but have been broken up into shorter videos for your convenience. Click on the benefit name to view the video.

TAP Press Releases

TAP Partners have access to three different press release templates that have been pre-approved by our legal department. The press release templates available are for:

• Joining the TAP program (at the Access or Elite level)
• Upgrading TAP partnership(to the Elite level)
• Announcing VMware Ready Certification status (requires all VMware Ready requirements have been met)

This video will also explore how TAP partners can now obtain supporting quotes for custom press releases in addition to the pre-approved templates.

VMware TAP Solution Briefs

TAP partners who have certified a product, or done extensive testing with VMware, can apply to complete a solution brief. The solution brief benefit is a two-page document that describes how a partner’s VMware ready product or solution works with a VMware product.

This short video presentation provides an overview of the solution brief application and review process.

TAP Joint Webinars

Once TAP Elite and Global partners have completed the Solution Brief benefit, they are eligible to apply to conduct a joint webinar with VMware. During this partner hosted webinar, the partner, along with a designated VMware speaker, will discuss the partner-VMware integrated solution, and target either a technical or sales audience.

Learn more about TAP Joint Webinars during this brief video.

TAP Joint Whitepapers

Once TAP Elite and Global partners have completed the Joint Webinar benefit, they are eligible to apply for a Joint Whitepaper with VMware. The joint whitepaper is a technical document that is no longer than 20 pages, that assists customers with installing or configuring the partner’s VMware Ready product or solution with a VMware product. In addition to the approved business case, partners must also have completed a joint webinar and a solution brief on a VMware Ready certified and approved product.

This video is intended for Elite and Global level partners interested in leveraging this benefit.

VMware Solution Exchange (VSX)

Take advantage of your partnership with VMware to create market awareness and demand for our innovative, joint solutions. As a valued member of the TAP program you can promote your relationship with VMware, and showcase your unique solutions to VMware’s customers, prospects, and channel through the high-traffic VMware Solution Exchange (VSX).

Learn more about how you can promote your product or solution in the VSX.

Still Have Questions?

Further details about TAP benefits can be found in the TAP Program Guide.  You can also reach out to the TAP team with any benefit or program questions you may have by email at tapalliance@vmware.com or by phone at 866-524-4966.

TAP Q4 Webinar – Wednesday, November 2nd

On Wednesday, November 2nd, the TAP team will be hosting the Q4 webinar for partners. During the Q4 webinar, we will be discussing the opportunities available through the Web Client Plug-ins program. Take advantage of this informative session to learn more about what is new with the vSphere client in vSphere 6.5. Register today!

The TAP team holds quarterly webinars on a variety of topics designed to help TAP Partners understand and navigate the benefits available via the TAP program. Previous webinars have covered topics, such as:

  • Embedded OEM opportunities
  • TAP go-to-market offerings
  • TAP NFR management and support offerings
  • Program benefit expansion and Ecosystem Services subscription offerings

Recordings of the previous quarterly TAP webinars are located on the TAP Events and Training page in Partner Central.


TAP-focused Technical Session Abstracts for VMworld Europe

There is still time to register for Partner Exchange (PEX) and VMworld Europe 2016 in Barcelona, Spain from October 17-20, 2016. Partners who register will have access to four full days of innovation to accelerate your journey to a software-defined business—from mobile devices to the data center and the cloud.

Partners can also register for the TAP-focused technical sessions held during PEX at VMworld Barcelona. We have provided the individual abstracts below for your convenience. Simply click on the event name provided below to find out more and register for the session.

TAP3730 – “I Want to Be an NSX Technology Partner” – Use Cases, Program and Enablement for the Security and Network Ecosystem – Monday, Oct 17, 2:45 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.

Iris Avidan, Staff Program Manager, VMware
Jeremiah Cornelius, Security Architect – Partner Product Strategist, VMware

“NSX is for Everyone” is the watchword for VMware’s SDDC drive with our customers. And VMware NSX is the fastest growing VMware technology since the introduction of ESX, over 10 years ago. NSX is the key technology for every business to unite their hybrid deployments and to partition their massively converged infrastructure for optimum value. Key to driving this capability in the inclusion of a robust ecosystem partners for security and network policy solutions. A new SDDC architecture to deliver on promises of better and more relevant security control is open to integration by technology partners.

How will this ecosystem be enabled through VMware? What solutions and services are NSX proven? How does a VMware technology alliance partner engage with VMware to envision, build and deliver for the NSX marketplace? Global Technology Alliances and Ecosystem Services are your VMware partners for an NSX Networking and Security Program. We will introduce you to the SDK and certification materials for NSX Advanced Services Insertion for Endpoint and Network. Find out from your alliance and ecosystem team, the qualifications for program participation and the structure of this partner program and deliverables. Start your path to NSX technology partnership with guidance from this session.

TAP3729 – SDDC Intelligent Operations Ecosystem – Monday, Oct 17, 5:15 p.m. – 6:15 p.m.

Bill Erdman, Senior Product Line Manager, VMware

As the scope of virtualization expands across the data center, including compute, network and storage abstractions, so does the need for integrated unified operations management.  The execution and delivery of this unified management, which VMware refers to as SDDC intelligent operations, requires a highly scalable core platform, a rich set of API’s, and a very engaged ecosystem. The benefit for customers is faster troubleshooting, quicker identification on the source of the issue, predictive analytics for mitigating issues related to capacity and performance, and integrated cost and ROI data for providing a business view on the IT assets being consumed.

VMware knows that it takes a village to offer this type of operation solution, and as result, VMware has several open SDDC operations management products in which ecosystem partners can integrate with. At this session interested ecosystem partners will be provided with an overview on how VMware is approaching SDDC intelligent operations, the core products offered here, several examples on how partners can integrate with this products, and references to the API’s in which partners can access through the VMware Technical Alliance Program (TAP).

PEX @ VMworld Europe 2016 Updates

Register today for Partner Exchange (PEX) and VMworld Europe 2016 in Barcelona, Spain from October 17-20, 2016. Partners who register will have access to four full days of innovation to accelerate your journey to a software-defined business—from mobile devices to the data center and the cloud.

There will be over 40 dedicated partner sessions offered all day on Monday to Partner Exchange attendees only, designed to offer partners a chance to learn how to better leverage new partner programs, differentiate your business, and make more money with VMware. The Partner Exchange pass also grants partners with access to exclusive partner-focused content not available during VMworld.

Partners can also register for the TAP-focused technical sessions listed below. Simply click on the event name provided below to review the abstract and event information.

Solution Keynote Highlights

  • Deliver the Digital Workspace (1:30pm – 2:30pm) presented by Sumit Dhawan, SVP & GM, Desktop and Workspace ONE at VMware; Erik Frieberg, SVP, EUC Product Marketing; and Ian Evans, AirWatch Managing Director, EMEA.
  • Accelerate Network Virtualization (2:45pm – 3:45pm) presented by Rajiv Ramaswami, EVP and GM, Networking and Security at VMware; Dom Delfino, VP of Worldwide Sales and Systems Engineering, Networking & Security at VMware; and Louise Ostrom, VP Network & Security, EMEA at VMware.
  • Enabling the Cloud for Your Customers (4:00pm – 5:00pm) presented by Yanbing Li, SVP and GM, Storage and Availability BU at VMware; John Gilmartin, VP and GM, Integrated Systems BU at VMware; and Parag Patel, VP, Worldwide Sales, Software Defined Storage at VMware.
  • VMs, Containers, and Mega-Clouds: Connecting the Dots (5:15 – 6:15pm) presented by Ajay Singh, SVP & GM Management Suites at VMware; Sajay Krishnan, Vice President Product Marketing – Management Business Unit; and Jonathan Alexander, Enterprise Management Business Manager at VMware.

To review and register for PEX sessions, visit the VMworld Europe Content Catalog.

VMware TAP Embedded OEM Q3 Webinar – September 21, 2016

Embedded OEM as a Route-to-Market

The TAP team, in conjunction with the Embedded OEM team,  will host a half-hour webinar on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 9:00 am PDT. The VMware Embedded OEM team will provide an overview on a unique partner route-to-market enabling partners to sublicense, pre-install, redistribute, and support VMware products as part of a dedicated / turnkey OEM solution.

As a VMware Embedded OEM partner, you can:

  • Deliver more profitable customer solutions by combining VMware products with your software, hardware, or appliance offerings—whether they’re delivered on premise, via Software as a Service (SaaS), or as a managed service application.
  • Build turn-key solutions that accelerate time-to-market and are easier for end-customers to procure, install and manage.
  • Decrease your solution’s cost of goods sold, improve product lifecycles, and improve business continuity.
  • Deliver VMware product updates/upgrades and frontline support as a value-add service, and at a release cadence that matches your own timelines and roadmap.

VMware’s Embedded OEM partners span across global geographies and vertical markets, all leveraging a single direct contract agreement model which provides global sublicensing and distribution rights. For a brief overview of the program benefits and requirements, visit the dedicated Embedded OEM page.

Register today for this webinar to better understand and evaluate how this route can apply to your company’s strategic go-to-market priorities and goals.

Questions about this webinar or other TAP benefits should be directed to the TAP team via tapalliance@vmware.com or toll-free at 866-524-4966.