VMworld 2014 TAM Services Events


Now, get ready for the next step in the VMworld journey: cutting-edge hands-on labs, high-impact breakout sessions, opportunities to network with the people shaping the future of IT and, of course, exclusive events for our TAM Services customers.

Join us at VMworld 2014 and the TAM Services Events to gain the tools you need to innovate and thrive by radically streamlining your data center, virtual workspace infrastructures and moving to the hybrid cloud.

VMworld 2014 US
TAM Day: 24 August 2014
Conference: 24 – 28 August 2014

VMworld 2014 Europe
TAM Day: 13 October 2014
Conference: 14 – 16 October 2014

Before you arrive for this year’s events, we recommend read our:

VMworld 2014 TAM Day

In its 10th year this exclusive, invitation-only event provides our TAM Services customers access to VMware experts who will discuss the best practices, innovative technologies and strategies that will accelerate your IT transformation.

VMworld 2014 TAM Day will provide a variety of content-rich sessions and roundtable engagements designed to address challenges your IT organization is facing today. Based on your role within the organization, you have the option of attending a business or technical session to get the most from this experience.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to interact directly with peers and industry leaders and gain new perspectives and IT strategies to apply within your organization.

The VMworld 2014 TAM Day Program Guides are now available:

VMworld 2014 TAM Customer Central

As a part of our ongoing commitment to enhance your VMworld 2014 experience we are pleased to announce that VMworld 2014 TAM Customer Central is back for a 3rd year. This exclusive resource is available to only VMware TAM Services customers and is designed to ensure that you have the best possible experience during the entirety of the conference.

You will have exclusive access to VMware product managers and experts, in-depth technical deep dives and discussions, product road maps, technical previews, demos and more.

The VMworld 2014 TAM Customer Central Agendas are now available:


Registration is not required. You will be identified as a VMware TAM Services customer during registration and badge pickup.

The Social Medial Experience

The VMworld 2014 conference promises to be an amazing event and the VMworld 2014 and VMware TAM Services social media activity streams will be very active during the conference and the our exclusive TAM Service events.

Tune in to @VMwareTAM on Twitter to contribute and experience this dynamic event in a whole new way.

Follow our blog at blogs.vmware.com/tam/ for our daily VMworld 2014 recaps.

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