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VMware Knowledge and Skills Assessment – Setting Your Customer Up For Success

At the 2015 Datacenter Conference, Gartner stated that the CIOs they surveyed ranked skills as the number one barrier to achieving their objectives. – CLEAR report

By Heath Johnson

HeathJohnsonI have been a TAM with VMware for a little over a year now. During this time, I have been working closely with my customers on some large-scale deployments of VMware’s EUC products. These projects have high visibility within my customer’s organization, affecting almost all end-user endpoints. My job as a VMware TAM is to make sure major projects like these have the desired business outcomes.

In order to assure success, one of the first things I wanted to understand were the skills of the people that will be implementing and managing the project. These are usually two different skill sets. Implementation requires the ability to follow a design and to know how to configure the products’ multiple settings in detail. Any missed configuration settings can cause an unforeseen disaster. Day two operations; that is, management and operations, have a different skill set requirement. This usually requires a good understanding of the overall architecture so that you can quickly follow a troubleshooting methodology if things go wrong.

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