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9 Tools You Should Be Using in Your VMware Environment

Jason_Borenby Jason Boren

One of the many things we do as TAMs is ensure that our customers don’t have “shelfware” lying around. If we spend money on something, we want to use it, right? What about software or tools that are free or included as part of a purchase, but are not well publicized? As we start a new year, I thought it would be a great idea to introduce some of these free or lesser-known tools, to give them a little time in the spotlight and hopefully help you get even more value out of your VMware® investments.

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vRealize Operations Manager—Avoiding an Out-of-Space Situation

Petr_McAllisterby Petr McAllister

There is no doubt that vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) is a very powerful tool that helps you with monitoring, troubleshooting, and planning your datacenter workloads and components. You can find a lot of blog posts, webcasts, presentations, and recordings on how the product can be used because it benefits both worlds—both technical folks and the management layers of the organization. vROps provides high-level dashboards, details on specific objects, the history, and trends.

In my experience, the customers who get the most out of a product are the ones who have vROps dashboards displayed on big TV screens inside their IT staff areas where they can view the current health status of their environment. Then as soon as the dashboard turns yellow or red, they can jump in to start a troubleshooting analysis and investigate the reasons for the “not-so-green” dashboard on their workstations.

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