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Are You a Type 1 or Type 2 NSX Customer?

Curtis-Badge-PhotoBy Curtis Miller

As a VMware NSX TAM—one who compliments standard TAMs and specializes in VMware NSX technology—I see two general types of NSX customers:

  • Type 1: A company that brings in a consultant to implement NSX
  • Type 2: A company that wants to implement NSX on its own

In either case, an NSX TAM provides support and guidance to help ensure the success of the installation. But that’s just the beginning of the value we provide.

During a consultant-led (Type 1) deployment, companies often find it challenging to get the information needed to move effectively into the operations stage. Operational success requires that employees in every functional area in the organization (i.e., developers, users, and their own customers, if they’re a service provider) learn how to consume NSX – not just the IT department. NSX TAMs make sure that happens, paving the way to a seamless transition to operations.

During an internally-led (Type 2) deployment, NSX TAMs provide a host of important information and coordination support. For example, we help interface between the company and their implementation-related vendors (e.g., firewall, switch, or router vendors); of course, we also help coordinate interactions with VMware and its third-party partners.

Helping both types of companies run NSX after implementation is perhaps an NSX TAM’s most important role. This kind of ‘day 2’ support includes expert help with troubleshooting, patching and upgrading (of NSX and third-party functionality such as security, firewalling and automation), getting customer-needed features added to future versions of NSX, and much more.

Bottom line: NSX TAMs exist to help you reduce risk, maximize the value of your NSX investment, and meet and exceed the goals you set when you chose NSX.

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Curtis Miller is a Technical Account Manager for VMware