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Monthly Archives: December 2012

TAM Presentation at vForum Sydney 2012

Sydney vForum 2012 was a great success. This is the 4th vForum I have attended as an employee of VMware and I look forward to this annual event every year. The chance to meet our customers in such a great environment and spent 2 days just talking VMware for me is an excellent experience. This year I was given the opportunity to do a presentation at the event. The presentation was also scheduled as part of the new All Access Pass (AAP) stream which meant that it was for paying customers only.

The session time unfortunately was not a good one for me and I suspect that this was due to scheduling requirements with so many sessions and thousands of deleggates to cater for. The actual session however went very well. I had around 15 people in the session. While this might not sound like a lot it is more than I expected to get at this time of the day, as I mentioned the session was not at a convenient time, and also the specific nature of the session.

I presented the session focusing on 3 areas. Firstly an introduction to the TAM and the TAM program, the specifics of the program and the different types of offerings available. I then moved into a section focusing on one of the deliverables that are available as a TAM customer which is a customised report that is done for the customer on a regular basis. This report highlights many of the functions and services that we do as a TAM for our customers so was particularly interesting to show. The final part of the session was to put this all together and highlight the value a TAM brings to your organisation and why you might consider joining the program.

I was very pleased with this session and the participation and attendance and I hope that those that did attend got something out of it. I am certainly looking forward to next year when hopefully I get to present again to our valued customers.