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Monthly Archives: November 2012

TAM Day Brisbane 2012 Wrap Up

Each year in Brisbane, Australia we host an event for our TAM customers to present to them the newest VMware solutions and thank them from the TAM program. This year we had another fantastic event in Brisbane with all of our customers represented. The participants were all kept well fed and hydrated with coffee, tea and cold drinks throughout the day as well as a fantastic lunch and chocolates and sweets to keep the sugar levels up.

When the event was over we asked our customers to rate the event and we had the highest rating we have received in the 4 years of running this event a 4.69 out of 5 rating which we are very proud of. We also gave a way a bunch of prizes including a seat on a VMware course, an iPad, a VMware T-Shirt and a movie gift voucher, all of which were enthusiastically received.

I look forward to the event again next year, thanks to all the presenters, our sponsors for the venue and of course our TAM customers, without you, well I wouldn’t have a job 🙂

Neil Isserow – TAM (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Event Pictures: https://www.icloud.com/journal/#4;CAEQARoQMWh_KLMbpOBuPyIquTfrnw;53AB1285-0C9F-4B30-8A3A-28E786CA8D22