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9 Tools You Should Be Using in Your VMware Environment

Jason_Borenby Jason Boren

One of the many things we do as TAMs is ensure that our customers don’t have “shelfware” lying around. If we spend money on something, we want to use it, right? What about software or tools that are free or included as part of a purchase, but are not well publicized? As we start a new year, I thought it would be a great idea to introduce some of these free or lesser-known tools, to give them a little time in the spotlight and hopefully help you get even more value out of your VMware® investments.

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vRealize Operations Manager—Avoiding an Out-of-Space Situation

Petr_McAllisterby Petr McAllister

There is no doubt that vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) is a very powerful tool that helps you with monitoring, troubleshooting, and planning your datacenter workloads and components. You can find a lot of blog posts, webcasts, presentations, and recordings on how the product can be used because it benefits both worlds—both technical folks and the management layers of the organization. vROps provides high-level dashboards, details on specific objects, the history, and trends.

In my experience, the customers who get the most out of a product are the ones who have vROps dashboards displayed on big TV screens inside their IT staff areas where they can view the current health status of their environment. Then as soon as the dashboard turns yellow or red, they can jump in to start a troubleshooting analysis and investigate the reasons for the “not-so-green” dashboard on their workstations.

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Presenting Networks Available in a Reservation During Blueprint Request

by Pascal LarocheVersion 2

A common request I get from customers is how to present only the networks applicable to a reservation in a blueprint form. Before VMware vRealize® Automation™ 7.1, you would create a drop-down list of available networks within a property definition. But this method was a bit static and manual; if a network was added, you needed to update the list manually.

With vRealize Automation 7.1, there is an action in VMware vRealize Orchestrator™ that can present the applicable network in a drop-down list, and this is now more dynamic. If the reservation changes, it will be reflected immediately in the blueprint form.

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Software Manufacturer Security Reputations – A review of software manufacturer security defects

by Erik Hinderer

erik_hindererAt the start of the new year, I did some technical housekeeping, starting new notebooks and such. After looking back through my client notes from 2016, I started to become intrigued with the idea of how software companies were viewed, based on perceived product security and reliability, versus the actual software defects recorded in the CVE repository (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures).

As a VMware TAM, I receive a lot of direct feedback from clients in the field regarding software quality and security vulnerabilities. VMware is known and regarded for developing some of the most secure and reliable infrastructure software products in the industry today, but I wondered how VMware compared with other software manufactures on a broader spectrum.

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Four Unique Enterprise Customers Deploy VSAN

By Frank Gesino

Frank_GesinoAt VMworld 2016, we had a great opportunity to showcase four customer use cases for VMware Virtual SAN™. The session “Four Unique Enterprise Customers Deployment of VMware Virtual SAN” was hosted by VMware SE Manager Peter Keilty (SDS East, Office of the CTO, Americas Field Storage and Availability). Peter was very familiar with all four use cases, as he was intimately involved in the design and implementation for all four customers. He was also a key contributor of presentation content.

VMware Storage Solution Architect David Boone was the lead engineer for all four customers’ Virtual SAN use cases. With Peter, David provided design and implementation guidance—from POC through production—and also helped provide content for this presentation.

The customers who participated in the session were: Team Lead/System Engineer Glenn Brown (Stanley Black & Decker); AVP of Corporate IS Mike Caruso (Synergent); AVP, Sr. Staff Specialist Tom Cronin (M&T Bank); and Team Lead of IT Infrastructure Andrew Schilling (Baystate Health). They all did a fantastic job providing insight into their unique use cases and the value and ROI of Virtual SAN.

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VMware Knowledge and Skills Assessment – Setting Your Customer Up For Success

At the 2015 Datacenter Conference, Gartner stated that the CIOs they surveyed ranked skills as the number one barrier to achieving their objectives. – CLEAR report

By Heath Johnson

HeathJohnsonI have been a TAM with VMware for a little over a year now. During this time, I have been working closely with my customers on some large-scale deployments of VMware’s EUC products. These projects have high visibility within my customer’s organization, affecting almost all end-user endpoints. My job as a VMware TAM is to make sure major projects like these have the desired business outcomes.

In order to assure success, one of the first things I wanted to understand were the skills of the people that will be implementing and managing the project. These are usually two different skill sets. Implementation requires the ability to follow a design and to know how to configure the products’ multiple settings in detail. Any missed configuration settings can cause an unforeseen disaster. Day two operations; that is, management and operations, have a different skill set requirement. This usually requires a good understanding of the overall architecture so that you can quickly follow a troubleshooting methodology if things go wrong.

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Quick Guide – Best Practices for Uploading Your Logs to VMware Support

VMware Phillip BardavilleBy Philip Bardaville

When you have a problem that needs immediate attention, successful uploads of logs from your system are the best way to a speedy resolution. I’ve laid out, below, some best practices that you will find useful.

Firstly, be proactive. Always open a support ticket immediately with VMware either via the web, your vCenter Support Assistant, or phone, and start collecting log bundles. Once you’re done, upload these to your support request number. This saves time, as the technician on our side can get to your request quicker. The “first touch” on a ticket is typically requesting logging information. If you have already done that, you can move forward more quickly.

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Top 10 Tips for a Successful Horizon VDI


By Ryan Klumph

Here are my top ten tips and tricks for a smoother deployment of VMware Horizon® View™ Standard Edition. These suggestions are informed after spending several years as a Technical Support Engineer. This is not a complete list, so please refer to the official Horizon View Documentation when planning your deployment.

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Basic VMware Security Tools and Practices

By Melba Lopez

I had the pleasure of joining my first ever internal security conference called MooseCon (Making Our Organization Security Experts Conference). There were a variety of topics discussed, but one particular talk by Noah Wasmer, Senior Vice President of Mobile Products, stayed with me the most. Noah discussed recent cyber attacks in the news, and he asked, “If you were on the front page of the Wall Street Journal because of a security breach, what would that do to your business?


For any company, it would have a negative financial impact and shatter the trust of customers. As a Technical Account Manager (TAM) I often advise my customers to be more security-conscious and would like to share some information and resources about VMware security tools.

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VMware Named 2016 STAR Award Winner for Innovation in Enabling Customer Outcomes

VMware’s global Professional Services organization has played an important role in enabling customer successes. Over the last five years, as VMwaretsia-award-2-233x300 has evolved from a single product company to a multi-product solutions provider, the maturation, innovation and transformation of its professional services business has driven new and higher levels of business success and customer satisfaction.

The Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) announced the 2016 STAR Award winners at the Technology Services World Conference held in Las Vegas. VMware Professional Services was named the 2016 STAR Award winner for Innovation in Enabling Customer Outcomes.

Now in its 26th year, the STAR Awards have become one of the highest honors in the technology services industry. The selection process is rigorous, consisting of a thorough evaluation followed by a vote by TSIA’s service discipline advisory board members.

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