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DevOps: Container Build Pipeline – Conceptual Design


By James Wirth, Consulting Architect Feature developers are concerned with reliably bringing application features from idea to production as fast as possible. If this process occurs too slowly or inconsistently, it can have many significant negative impacts on a business, including but not limited to: Inability to react to and capitalize on new market opportunities Read more...

How to Avoid a Custom ESXi Image Patch Cycle


By Chris Weber, Staff Technical Account Manager (TAM). Most customers use custom ESXi images to install new servers or upgrade to the next major release, and then our tools to install updates. When you add ESXi hosts you need to install from an image (or a disk created from an image.) Problem:  if you install Read more...

Blockchain for the Dabbler


By Tom Scanlan, Architect, Professional Services Emerging Technology Blockchain is a platform that has a few key characteristics: it holds blocks containing data about transactions between parties it has a data structure that links those blocks together into a ledger of all transactions the block contents are cryptographically signed in such a way as to Read more...