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Anatomy of a Functions as a Service (FaaS) Solution


The purpose of this blog is to describe the components of a Functions as a Service (Faas) solution to better understand how they work and what makes a total solution. I’m referring to it as a FaaS solution because in most cases I expect that additional components will be required to pair up with the Read more...

The 10 Foundations of DevOps for The Internet of Things


In a previous post a number of years ago, I covered five key points on Successful Infrastructure Planning for the Internet of Things. The forth point I made was that “Automation is everything.” In this post, I’m going to look at how we would use the 10 Foundations of DevOps Model covered in the DevOps and Read more...

DevOps: Container Build Pipeline – Conceptual Design


By James Wirth, Consulting Architect Feature developers are concerned with reliably bringing application features from idea to production as fast as possible. If this process occurs too slowly or inconsistently, it can have many significant negative impacts on a business, including but not limited to: Inability to react to and capitalize on new market opportunities Read more...