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Is Your Organization Ready for the Software-Defined Data Center?


by Heman Smith Infographics are great for providing clarity. As the one below illustrates, the role of IT workers is rapidly transforming — and IT executives are keen on building the optimum IT organizational structure for the software-defined data center (SDDC). If you want an agile, business-responsive, service-driven IT organization, the role of IT must Read more...

How CIOs Are Creating Business Transformation


Cloud computing is an efficient, flexible and cost-effective way to help an organization transform its business. But how do you manage the transition? Adam Burns speaks with Rob Jenkins, Director of VMware’s Accelerate Advisory Services EMEA, to find out. In this two-part video series, Adam Burns speaks with Rob Jenkins, Director of VMware Accelerate Advisory Read more...

No More Excuses for Delaying Innovation


AUTHOR: Enrico Boverino As I was starting to write this blog, I realized that we’ve safely passed December 21, 2012, better known as the completion of the Mayan Great Cycle. There were many predictions of what might happen: many felt that this would be the date of the end of the world; or, it would Read more...