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Operationalizing VMware Cloud on AWS PACSI Matrix


Kevin Lees, Chief Technologist, IT Operations Transformation Andrea Siviero, Principal Architect   VMware Cloud on AWS provides a unified infrastructure framework that enables businesses to integrate their on-premise, VMware SDDC platform with AWS. It does so while providing a common operating environment in which existing tools and skillsets based on familiar VMware software can be Read more...

Site Reliability Engineering in VMware Environments


Kevin Lees Field Chief Technologist for IT Operations Transformation   Companies seeking to increase velocity and reliability of solutions within their digital business should shift their software development efforts “further to the right” into infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams by adopting tenets of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). The SRE ethos was conceived at Google to Read more...

Introducing a Multi-Cloud Pattern: The Six Sevens


by Tom Hite, Sr. Director PS, Emerging Technology   The New Norm: Multi-Cloud Digital Transformation Many organizations are undergoing digital transformation, giving rise to multi-cloud strategies that likely will dominate IT operations for the foreseeable future. A result of our own transformation and working with our very broad and sophisticated customer base, at VMware we Read more...