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Introducing a Multi-Cloud Pattern: The Six Sevens

by Tom Hite, Sr. Director PS, Emerging Technology


The New Norm: Multi-Cloud Digital Transformation

Many organizations are undergoing digital transformation, giving rise to multi-cloud strategies that likely will dominate IT operations for the foreseeable future. A result of our own transformation and working with our very broad and sophisticated customer base, at VMware we have a great deal of insight to digital transformations.

While some have well formed multi-cloud strategies and related implementations, gaps often exist between best practices and the reality ‘on the ground’. A consideration of underlying best practices begets a conflation of many purviews of IT Operations.

Patterns of Clouds: The Six Sevens

Assessing and implementing infrastructure and software solutions running across clouds grants us a view toward a repeatable pattern. By reviewing many designs and implementations, we have been able to extract a common, arguably ubiquitous multi-cloud pattern called  The Six Sevens  (“TSS”).

TSS involves The Six process steps that occur, whether known or not (i.e., possibly improperly ignored) when any data moves from one system or cloud to another. Those process steps inform the need to understand and automate The SevenFoundations of Multi-Cloud.

Data in TSS includes not only content, such as big data, machine learning training sets, object stores, plain old files and the rest, but also executable data (e.g., containers or virtual machines). Moving (including copying) any data conflates considerations of data classification, governance, security, network connectivity, observability, storage and platforms as a service (PaaS).

Quick Conclusions

Whether the internet of things, artificial intelligence based drug discovery, workload placement strategies or a plethora of other usage patterns, multi-cloud use is likely not optional in the future of most organizations. We see many organizations struggling with the complexities involved in processes and mechanisms necessary to successfuly automate multi-cloud use. Automation requires ubiquitous repeatability, thus The Six Sevenspattern.

This blog introduces TSS and will be followed by a series of blogs covering each area raised and discussed in this Six Sevens paper.

Sr. Director, PS Emerging Technology at VMware, Tom holds responsibility for research and innovation for world-wide professional services. Prior to its acquisition by VMware, Tom served as VP/CTO at MomentumSI, Inc.; was co-Founder and CTO of Metallect Corp.; Chief Technology Officer at AMX Corporation and Chief Executive Officer of Phast, AMX’s wholly owned subsidiary. Mr. Hite holds multiple patents in networking, artificial intelligence and semantic analysis; has a MSME and is a Juris Doctor with Highest Honors.


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