Gabriel Nunes, Solutions Architect


vSAN Installation with vSAN Ready Nodes

To install vSAN is fast and radically simple. However, there are some important considerations to take into account which are sometimes overlooked.

The first and very important step is to check that the hardware to be used is vSAN ready nodes. But what are vSAN Ready Nodes? They are preconfigured servers with hardware and software certified by the hardware manufacturer and by VMware.

We can find a list of the servers here.


What You Can (and Cannot) Change in a vSAN ReadyNode™


After selecting the hardware to be used, we must have a look at the VMware Compatibility Guide to make sure that the components have been tested and certified for vSAN.



Once we have checked that the hardware to be used is vSAN Ready Node and that our components have been tested and certified for vSAN, we can start the installation process.



Simple, right?

However, we have detected that 25% of the calls to our support team are related to misconfiguration and HCL issues.

Our Professional Services team is currently helping our customers with vSAN installation in order to ensure that it is properly done and, most importantly, that our customers can take advantage of it to satisfy their needs.


What does the PSO service consist of?

The VMware vSAN Small-Scale Deployment Service provides a foundational deployment of VMware vSAN™ and the underlying supporting virtual infrastructure.

The following high-level activities are included in this project:

  • Deploy. Deployment of the VMware standard architecture and validation of technology components.
  • Knowledge Transfer. VMware vSAN and vSphere knowledge transfer information.


Can the PSO team help me remotely?

YES, a VMware consultant provides this service remotely using the capabilities provided by VMware vSphere®. Speak to your VMware representative for more information about our vSAN Small-Scale Deployment Service.


Gabriel Nunes is a virtualization IT specialist with 15+ years of IT experience. He currently works as a Solutions Architect within VMware’s Professional Services (PSO) team. He was also named a vExpert in 2017 and 2018. Find him on Twitter at @vGabiNunes.